Best hashtags for makeup Instagram posts

Check out this fantastic posy by Shaddows! Although I haven’t been that huge on Instagram lately, this post will be super helpful when I get back to posting properly.


Hashtags make a really big difference to the engagement you receive on posts; when a lot of work has gone into creating a makeup look, likes and comments are ideal.

More popular hashtags are seen by more people but drown very quickly as new posts are published with the same hashtag. Posts with less popular hashtags will remain at the top of the hashtag feed for longer, therefore, seen by a smaller amount of people over a longer period of time. It is probably a good idea to use a mixture of these hashtags.

Below are the hashtags that get lots of engagement. Be careful to only use up to 30 hashtags or the whole caption will be deleted when the picture is posted. Also, try not to over use the same hashtags or you risk being shaddowbanned where your pictures do not show up on any hashtag feeds at…

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Happy Sunday Cheeleaders, I hope 2018 has been kind to you so far. It feels like it has been ages since I wrote a proper post as I was getting in to the routine of posting every day sometimes twice in one day.

For me, this year I want change. In terms of the blog I am looking to blog better, more effectively and I read something interesting which I can’t find the link to share with you all but basically it was saying choose one or two social media platforms and focus on them. Reading this came at the right time because I was getting quite bored with social media, I was spending ages on them and didn’t feel like I was getting much back out of them.  Continue reading “WHY I QUIT TWITTER”

12 days of Christmas: Day 10 – Promotion and Engagement

When it comes to blogging, I would say that you spend equally the same amount of time promoting yourself as you do creating the content you promote. I’ll fess up straight away, I’m not on top of my promotion as much as I should be but I know what needs to be done. Let’s start off with my routine: My content becomes live, I copy the link and share it with all of the roughly 15 beauty blogger groups I’m a part of on Facebook, this link will then get shared on my Instagram and Twitter. Occasionally depending on what the post is about I will also promote it on the brands social media page and drop them an email letting them know that this post is available.

Most to least successful routes of promotion I have observed are:

  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

In that order. I believe the reason why Instagram lags behind is because you can’t put direct links in the comments of an image, so the viewer has to see your picture, click on your username and then click on the link in your bio. Facebook and Twitter on the other hand are very easy, one click and you are there. A lot of my views also come from search engines which is why it is so important that your title and content is relevant to the subject you are blogging about.

Facebook groups are a great way of connecting with likeminded people. One of the best groups are Beauty Bloggers Corner, they have a lovely community spirit about them and really engage with one another. Most recently, they created a list of blogs and got all the members to submit their blog handles so that they could be a part of the list. Along with the recommendation, I would always suggest doing your own research for appropriate groups because some of them are country specific only or have requirements. There are a lot of inactive groups out their unfortunately but over time you will learn which ones are useful and which are not.

Twitter on the other hand is far easier to promote yourself from. Just use some relevant hashtags (#blog, #bloggers, #crueltyfree) and they generate a lot of interest. Sooner or later you will then get added to relevant lists which is almost like a fishing net that focuses only on the members involved of the net. I’m a part of about 6 lists and these are a great way to draw in more of an audience for your posts.

Word of mouth thankfully I know a lot women and at least once in my time of knowing them have the complained about a sudden outbreak of spots, damaged hair or they simply want to try out a new lipstick. I shamelessly plug my own posts, it’s a great way to get personal interaction and hopefully the word of mouth will spread.

There are other avenues of online promotion that I have been looking in to recently, one of which was Reddit. I read a blog that swore they garnered a lot more interest from Reddit. It’s definitely something I want to try out because I have nothing to lose and I will report back.

Stay tuned for my penultimate post tomorrow where I will be posting about being PR friendly and approaching brands.

How do you promote your blog and what do you find the most successful? Let me know in the comments below ⬇

Love and (high)light✌
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Social media updates

So much exciting newness going on, to the point where I have just used a word that doesn’t even exist. 

First up, Macquillagewithleilani has a Facebook page! Please feel free to pop over and give it a like, it would be very much appreciated. 

Also, I’ve switched my Instagram profile from personal to business. So far I can tell from the features that this option makes it far easier to be contacted rather than just putting your email address in the bio and hope people have a photographic memory when they draft up an email to you. Other features include insights and statistics on new posts and followers. I’m a huge statistics person, so this appeals to me greatly. 

Thank you again to my readers, both loyal and new. Without readers, there would be no purpose to blogging. 

Love and (high)light✌

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