Do you want £5 off at MISSGUIDED?

Of course you do! For a limited time only*, you can get £5 off your first order over at Missguided (just make sure it’s over £25) courtesy of little old me. Continue reading “Do you want £5 off at MISSGUIDED?”


Blogmas 2017: Day 21 – Christmas day trip to Reading

Hello Cheeleaders! Yesterday I went to Reading with my friend, I have actually finished all of my Christmas shopping, everything that I have bought is also already wrapped and just ready to be given, but my friend asked me to come with her so we could have a last girly day out before the holidays because of clashing schedules. I haven’t been to Reading since 2014 but I was planning to spend New Years Eve there this year with my boyfriend, so it was nice to go back before then so I could get re-familiar with it all. Continue reading “Blogmas 2017: Day 21 – Christmas day trip to Reading”

Blogmas 2017: Day 14 – Boyfriend does top 5 Gift Ideas for Guys!

Written by Ozan Koyuncu – on behalf of MacquillagewithLeilani

They say it’s pretty difficult to shop for man during Christmas or even on any other special occasion like birthdays but I disagree (and when I say “They” I mean women). It’s really simple actually, I mean what do most men do and enjoy? sports, video-games, tech – and that’s just to name a few. Here are my top 5 gift ideas for men*, from a male perspective. Continue reading “Blogmas 2017: Day 14 – Boyfriend does top 5 Gift Ideas for Guys!”