Happy Sunday Cheeleaders, I hope 2018 has been kind to you so far. It feels like it has been ages since I wrote a proper post as I was getting in to the routine of posting every day sometimes twice in one day.

For me, this year I want change. In terms of the blog I am looking to blog better, more effectively and I read something interesting which I can’t find the link to share with you all but basically it was saying choose one or two social media platforms and focus on them. Reading this came at the right time because I was getting quite bored with social media, I was spending ages on them and didn’t feel like I was getting much back out of them.  Continue reading “WHY I QUIT TWITTER”


Favourite blogger of the month: Jade Mayhead

Honestly didn’t think I could get more excited than I am about the feature but here I am hopping up and down like an elf on Christmas Eve. My favourite blogger for August is so lit 🔥and after speaking to her for a while she freakishly similar to me which is crazy but pretty cool at the same time so let’s jump straight in to this post! 

Blog Name: Jade Mayhead

Blog addresshttp://www.jademayhead1.wordpress.com/

Blog Genre: Makeup, Beauty and Lifestyle 

My Favourite PostEverything5pounds.com Haul This was the first post I ever created on fashion; I’m the basic, stick with a tshirt and jeans girl. So when I posted this I was really nervous, but it got such a lovely response, it even made me thing I could get into fashion a little more! That idea quickly left, as I wouldn’t even know where to start.

How Jade describes her blog: “I am 20 years old, living in the South of Bristol; No! I am not a farmer! I actually work in a small office, doing basic admin duties. I am going to college in September, part-time, to study a course called Construction and the built environment. This is a two year course, which I am really looking forward too, my plan is to then go to University to study Quantity Surveying! 

Currently, I am living with my Boyfriend and his family, while we are in the process of owning a property together! We have been going through the mortgage process for around 4 months now; Trust me it isn’t easy, or fast! We will then be living with our little cat Kiko; Yes, I named her after a makeup brand, but its also a Pokémon character – Who knew?!

Alongside moving and college I like to write on my little blog. I started this in March because of my love for makeup, yet no one to share the love with. I wanted to give my thought and opinions to other people, as well as reading and learning what others thought of items. As well as sharing, I wanted to learn. I have had a love for makeup for quite some time, and playing around with it has been a hobby of mine. I love getting new ideas, and couldn’t think of a better way to do this, other than to create a blog page.

Currently, I aim to post 3 times a week. This started as twice a week Wednesdays and Sundays, but as I grew to love the blogging world more and more I wanted to put more of my effort into things and decided to up it to three times a week. I like to try and have a series going at all times, which I post on a Friday. I am in the process of the 100 days of makeup challenge, and am loving the creativity and inspiration it is giving me. This moment in time I am using the free hosted site given to me by WordPress. In the near future I would like to change this, and have a self-hosted site. I would like to make the change because there is a lot of changes I would like to make to my site that wordpress wont allow, plus working with brands is a dream of mine. I would love to grow my blog, and gain some new friends out of this. I have already met some amazing people, and would love to keep this going!

So yeh I dunno if any of you have noticed the similarities between Jade and myself too but she is such a lovely person and blogger, I really look forward to her next post either as a blog or on Instagram! I hope everything goes well with all your plans for the blog and in your personal life too 😘

Let me know in the comments below who your favourite bloggers have been this month ⬇️

Love and (high)light✌

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July reflection

Today’s going to be a double post reflection day, starting off with my usual July reflection and then later this evening a reflection on my July Beauty Challenge. 

Honestly I don’t know where to start, July was probably the best month this year so far (hopefully) there were so many positive things that happened!

July Beauty Challenge

For the month of July I blogged everyday, I’m going to post about it properly later but I really enjoyed it even though there were some downsides to it. I saw over 2000 views in a month which surpassed my expectations as I only expected 1000 views from it. 

2000 views in over 85 countries 

I was so stoked to see 2000 views from over 85 countries with at least 10 of them being brand new to the blog 😊

I got a promotion 

So all the hard work I put in to my traineeship paid off and I am fledged, there is still loads that I don’t know but I know bucket loads more than I did this time last year. 

I’m involved in the launch of something exciting 

That I can’t talk about yet but as soon as it is out expect me to be sharing the booties off that! 

Let me know in the comments below how your July was ⬇️ as always I hope it was kind to you my Cheeleaders 😘

Love and (high)light✌

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Favourite blogger of the month: Brooke Nicole Clarke

Happy Sunday Cheeleaders, this segment is a little later than usual because of my July Beauty Challenge it has kind of put everything else on the back burner. 

My favourite blogger for July is the lovely Brooke Nicole Clarke, she is a blogger that actually doesn’t live that far away from me in comparison to some of the other lovely ladies that I have promoted. Brooke is amazing hands down, she hasn’t had the best of health lately but she hasn’t let it get in the way of her blogging. 

Blog name: Brooke Nicole Clarke 

Blog addresshttps://brookeclarke.com 

Blog genre: Beauty, Health, Lifestyle, Personal.

My favourite postMy Entire Nail Polish Collection 

“​I am a 20 year old female, and I currently live in Oxfordshire with my mum, brother and two little doggies (you’ll likely see them on my Instagram a lot haha!). I work as a restaurant manager, but wanted to do something in my spare time, hence why I started blogging! I also currently have been off work for 4 months due to being diagnosed with Endometriosis and having the removal surgery, and wanted something to update my friend and family at once. 

I have ways had a huge interest in Beauty, since I started watching YouTube when I was little. I remember being in my early teens when I asked mum if I could have a camera to record YouTube videos! Obviously, I never got my camera, hence why I never made any YouTube videos (thank god mum never let me have that camera, it would totally totally have been comedy gold though). I am wanting to move over to YouTube soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that! 

As I grew older, I started experimenting with more makeup and products, and still don’t ever thing my collection will be complete! 

I try to post 7 days a week currently, which is definitely a task, but I enjoy it so much! Obviously when I go back to work things will change, but for now you can expect to see something new every day! 

I would never post anything I don’t have my heart 100% set on. If I’m not passionate about writing a post, I know mu readers won’t be either, but then again my mind never shuts off, so I have a lot to write about!”

I really hope Brooke and I stay in contact because she is such a lovely person, she engages really well with her readers and never fails to show her appreciation to them by holding giveaways. I get a bit of page inspiration from her too and look forward to my notifications seeing her new posts 😊

Let me know in the comments below who your favourite blogger has been this month ⬇️

Love and (high)light✌

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Bloglovin’ claim

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Apologies for the random post but I’ve had to share this link in order to claim my blog on Bloglovin’ 😊 please feel free to give me a follow and I will follow back! 

See you all back here for my April reflection tomorrow 👋

Love and (high)light✌

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12 days of Christmas: Day 11 – How to get freebies

I feel like singing Final Countdown, I can’t believe it is day 11 already it has gone so quickly yet slowly at the same time. The Christmas decorations came down today which has left the house looking so bare that I feel like we’re actually moving out, all of the ones in my office were taken down yesterday too. I really miss the decorations when they come down as they leave a huge cold feeling space in your decor. Anyway, only another 11 months until they’re back up again so let’s crack on with today’s post!

Getting freebies is a bone of contention for some bloggers, one school of thought believes that any products received should also bring along payment as you are essentially promoting a company and just getting a bottle of product for it. My view point on it is that everyone has to start somewhere and if that means reviewing items without an exchange of payment then whats the big deal? When you’re reviewing a product you have bought yourself, you’re still promoting a brand and you’ve actually made a loss, at least with samples and freebies you’re not out of pocket if it’s not as great as you hoped. When you’re starting out, you’re less likely to receive a sponsorship for product promotion because you don’t have the viewer base of someone who may have been blogging for the past 3 years, I feel that posting reviews for freebies shows that you are capable of creating quality posts about a brand and that it will set up the foundations for potential future sponsorships.

I’ve come across some really effective techniques for gaining freebies or discounts, firstly I’ll outline what doesn’t work.

  • Begging for stuff – I have never tried this one out but for obvious reasons it won’t be very successful.
  • Approaching large brands – again, I haven’t tried it because it is pointless. The sheer volume of requests like this that receive on a daily basis is so high that you’ll be overlooked. Esssentially with bigger brands it is a build it and they will come to you sort of ethos, you need to have a decent influence level before they notice you.
  • Approaching small companies, I’ve tried this one before. I always make sure that they are within the UK so that their shipping wouldn’t be too high a price first off. Majority of the time, requests have been turned down due to a low samples budget although in substitution for this, I have been offered to visit their office and see how the products are created, that in itself is a great opportunity and sometimes I’ve been told that they will review my request in 3 months for example if their situation changes.

I have a few tactics for selecting brands to approach, one of them is to approach brands that are already sending out samples (this shows they have a budget), I will contact them by email directly and wait for a reply back. Another tactic is going to small businesses in the UK, it’s a catch 22 contacting them as they are so small sometimes they might say no but if you don’t ask you don’t get.

When emailing companies it is so important to do your research on them, draft up an email that’s a reasonable length. I use a praise sandwich, start off with why you like the brand and how the values match your blog ethos, explain where you come from and what you have to offer and then close with niceness.

I’m now starting to receive contact about products which is great but I still make sure I keep up the effort to put my name out there. I would also like to point out that blogging is not about the freebies, it’s about the dedication and passion you have for your dream.

How do you feel on freebies/get yours? Let me knowin the comments below ⬇

Love and (high)light✌
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12 days of Christmas: Day 10 – Promotion and Engagement

When it comes to blogging, I would say that you spend equally the same amount of time promoting yourself as you do creating the content you promote. I’ll fess up straight away, I’m not on top of my promotion as much as I should be but I know what needs to be done. Let’s start off with my routine: My content becomes live, I copy the link and share it with all of the roughly 15 beauty blogger groups I’m a part of on Facebook, this link will then get shared on my Instagram and Twitter. Occasionally depending on what the post is about I will also promote it on the brands social media page and drop them an email letting them know that this post is available.

Most to least successful routes of promotion I have observed are:

  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

In that order. I believe the reason why Instagram lags behind is because you can’t put direct links in the comments of an image, so the viewer has to see your picture, click on your username and then click on the link in your bio. Facebook and Twitter on the other hand are very easy, one click and you are there. A lot of my views also come from search engines which is why it is so important that your title and content is relevant to the subject you are blogging about.

Facebook groups are a great way of connecting with likeminded people. One of the best groups are Beauty Bloggers Corner, they have a lovely community spirit about them and really engage with one another. Most recently, they created a list of blogs and got all the members to submit their blog handles so that they could be a part of the list. Along with the recommendation, I would always suggest doing your own research for appropriate groups because some of them are country specific only or have requirements. There are a lot of inactive groups out their unfortunately but over time you will learn which ones are useful and which are not.

Twitter on the other hand is far easier to promote yourself from. Just use some relevant hashtags (#blog, #bloggers, #crueltyfree) and they generate a lot of interest. Sooner or later you will then get added to relevant lists which is almost like a fishing net that focuses only on the members involved of the net. I’m a part of about 6 lists and these are a great way to draw in more of an audience for your posts.

Word of mouth thankfully I know a lot women and at least once in my time of knowing them have the complained about a sudden outbreak of spots, damaged hair or they simply want to try out a new lipstick. I shamelessly plug my own posts, it’s a great way to get personal interaction and hopefully the word of mouth will spread.

There are other avenues of online promotion that I have been looking in to recently, one of which was Reddit. I read a blog that swore they garnered a lot more interest from Reddit. It’s definitely something I want to try out because I have nothing to lose and I will report back.

Stay tuned for my penultimate post tomorrow where I will be posting about being PR friendly and approaching brands.

How do you promote your blog and what do you find the most successful? Let me know in the comments below ⬇

Love and (high)light✌
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