TUTORIAL | Heartbeat nail art

What you will need: Short striper brush, white, black and red nail polish.


Step one: Ace your base! Paint on enough coats of white nail polish until your shade becomes opaque. Wait for this to dry fully before you start carving out your design.

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TUTORIAL | Diamond outline nail art

Happy Pancake day! As it is Valentines Eve, I am sharing with you all another heart love inspired look and what better way to do it by loving your nails with Mavala. The Swiss brand is free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and Camphor which is why I love this brand so much. Continue reading “TUTORIAL | Diamond outline nail art”

Day 85- Signs of the Zodiac Nails!

How cool are these nails, have you spotted your zodiac sign? I love every year when we are in Capricorn season as it feels like my time to shine!

The Naily Dale

IMG_3848.JPGDay 85

Signs of the Zodiac Nails!

I don’t actually believe in horoscopes and star signs but for some reason I’ve always loved the idea of them. There’s something quite special about having something ‘personal’ (I mean it’s not really) for when you were born. I don’t know about you but I always feel sort of proud of my own star sign!

I’m a Taurus (woo! Shout out to my fellow Taurus people!) so I decided to do a quick google of typical Taurus traits and the same things kept coming up-

Dominant, observant, strong and artistic

I’d say observant and artistic are probably true but not so sure about dominant and strong. I’m your pretty classic introvert and if we’re talking physical strength I genuinely struggle to pick up a water jug at the kitchen table…

What about you? Do your star sign’s traits match your personality?

Products used-

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TUTORIAL | Firework nail art

One of my change of ways (I don’t like resolutions) is that I will be using up my current products before buying new ones, so this look was actually was from Diwali and as new years is also a celebratory time with fireworks I thought why not rework something I have already done. Continue reading “TUTORIAL | Firework nail art”

Blogmas 2017: Day 24 – Festive lights nail art tutorial

Happy Christmas Eve! I am finally at the end of Blogmas which has actually gone so quickly.

I think I have saved the best nail tutorial for last – festive lights! So continue reading to see the finished design and how you can do it yourself.

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Blogmas 2017: Day 23 – Snowflake nail art tutorial

No two snowflakes are the same and that applies to nail art, unless you’re using a stencil or stamp no two designs are exactly the same. Today I am going to show you have to paint a snowflake on your nails, so keep reading to see the finished nail.

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