REVIEW | Krystal Kiss Cosmetics Velvet Petals Liquid to Matte Lipstick + 30% OFF!

Happy Wednesday, next week is a busy one with Pancake Day, Valentines Day and Chinese New Year in the space of four days – I am glad that I have the week off!

As it is Valentines day coming up, I thought it would be perfect timing to share this beautiful shade from the Velvet Petals collection by Krystal Kiss Cosmetics. You may have already seen my review on the brand back in November, and true to my word I decided to explore something new from their range.


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Krystal Kiss Cosmetics Lipstick Review

I am so excited to review these lipsticks, I was sent these very kindly by the brand owner Kerie before I went on hiatus and I have found it so hard not to use them as I didn’t want to blunt the bullets before I took my photos!

A bit of background, Krystal Kiss Cosmetics is an up and coming brand based in Wales, UK. It focuses on handmade lipsticks and liquid lipsticks using only natural and organic ingredients, their cosmetics are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Krystal Kiss is very unique within its brand, because they offer a tailor made shade and texture service for a very affordable price. You can read more about the brand on the about page of their website.

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Seventeen Supreme Shine Lipstick Review

These were selling half price in my local Boots recently and although Seventeen is not tested on animals, the parent company of Boots is Walgreens who do still test on animals. So depending on where you stand with the whole funding the evil parent company thing, it’s up to you whether to make a purchase on these or not. I don’t buy as much own range from Boots as I used to for this reason but I was willing to pay half price for the products on this occasion. 
I bought 2 shades – If You Please and Deep Secret.

The packaging is nice, it’s very sleek and stands out of the crowd compared to other drugstore lipsticks. The bullet has a nice heavy weight to it and the mirror finish makes the product look as if it cost at least double what I actually paid. 

Moving on to the formula, I wasn’t that impressed with it. On application it errs on the side of being a sheer lipstick, moving in to the center of the lip and you can see the colour isn’t as intense as it could be. It’s a lovely conditioning formula that carries a good 4-6 hours wear with it, the darker shades fade away in to a nice matte staining. 

Deep secret (no lipliner)
If you please (no lipliner)

Overall, I would repurchase this lipstick but definitely not for the full price for the reason that I could buy a purely cruelty free option of a better quality for a fraction of the price. 

Love and (high)light✌

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