I have a problem, usually when I have finished one product I will always have a backup in place and then throw out the used product (that was before I started my project empties in which I am saving up all my empties from 2018 and seeing how much I use/spend throughout the year), but when it comes to Mascara I seem to buy one then throw the previous one in to a drawer never to see daylight again – some of the mascaras I am about to share with you I have had since 2014! I have thrown some of them away already, although these were repurchases.

When it comes to Mascara, I am super conscious of their short shelf life and abide by this as your eyes are so sensitive you really don’t want to mess around with them. I have clumped together the tubes in three brands – L’Oreal, Maybelline and Miscellaneous.

Please note that prices were correct at time of this post going live (24.02.18), I have no responsibility for any discrepancies following this date.


L-R False Lash Architect, Lash Paradise Extatic, Volume Million Lashes Extra-Black, Lash Superstar

L’Oreal is actually my favourite brand of mascara, it is my go to on a whim and most followed brand as I feel like the majority of their mascaras meet my lash needs.

False Lash Architect – £10.99. This was the first mascara that I bought by L’Oreal and it did not disappoint, I repurchased this one a couple of times and really liked the level of volume it gave my lashes.

Lash Paradise Extatic – £11.99. The most recent addition to the mascara family, this by far is the best mascara that I have ever used although it does dry up super quick. I have repurchased this once, for the full review click here.

Volume Million Lashes Extra-Black – £10.99. I have tried many of the mascaras from the Volume Million Lashes range as I really like the brushes and to be honest I prefer the Excess version more as it was not that much blacker as it had claimed to be, so I did not repurchase.

Lash Superstar – £11.99. I bought this as soon as it came out and although I loved the final result that it gave my lashes it was a faff to use in the morning trying to get ready and it dried up quickly too making the bottles at each end tricky to open.


L-R Lash Sensational , The Lift Volum’ Express and Lash Sensational Luscious.

Maybelline is a brand that I have a love hate relationship with, I love their concealers and hate their foundations, love and hate their mascaras. They have recently added to their family with the new Total Temptation and I will be giving that a full review soon.

Lash Sensational – £8.99. This was the second Maybelline mascara that I tried, I fell for the hype and purchased it to see if the results were as good as they were made out to be. I love this mascara, my favourite part about it is the wand and how it separates my lashes making sure that every one is coated and voluminous.

The Lift Volum’ Express -£5.99. This is the first mascara that I tried from Maybelline, I gave it several chances but I just could not get on with it – it was a mixture of the curved pipe cleaner wand and thick formula. In the end, as I didn’t want to waste it I used it on my bottom eyelashes.

Lash Sensational Luscious – £8.99. I bought this following on from my original Lash Sensational running dry, I don’t know why this one has such a low review but I personally loved it although I don’t like the wand and feel they should have just changed the formula and stuck with the original wand.


L-R Avon Superextend Extreme, Avon Winged Out, Collection Supersize Fat Lash and Rimmel Volume Flash x10.

In this group are mascaras from brands that I either tried once and didn’t like or I loved but was unable to repurchase.

Avon Superextend Extreme – £5.50 (I think). I loved this mascara, my aunt gave it to me for Christmas one year. The wand is very similar to Benefit’s They’re Real mascara and I just loved it, the only reason why I never repurchased is because I don’t have an Avon representative locally to me and didn’t remember to buy it when I was buying Avon from a lady at work who has now gone on hiatus with it.

Avon Winged Out – £5.50 (I think). I liked this mascara, but I didn’t love it. I used it to separate my lashes when my primary mascara got a little thick and caused clumps. The thin wand makes it a breeze to go from root to tip on your bottom lashes without any transfer on to the skin.

Collection Supersize Fat Lash – £2.99. I accidentally bought this in the shade brown, but I thought it would be ok I could make it work… I couldn’t, this mascara promises “fat lashes” but in all honesty, I would have seen the same results if I had used clear mascara.

Rimmel Volume Flash x10 – £5.99. I had previously used (and hated) their Scandaleyes Mascara so I have no idea why I went back for more, I didn’t even finish this mascara and kept it in my collection for a rainy in case of emergency moment but thankfully that day never came and I could not be happier to fling this one in the bin.

Have you tried any of these mascaras or have a makeup hoarding problem? let me know in the comments below.

Love and (high)light✌

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