22 goals

I really need to get some more scheduled drafts out, there is so much that I need and want to post about that I am seriously starting to back up, you may have already seen my 22 post all about my birthday and seen that I already have some blog related goals that I haven’t even started on and I have added to the problems already with another 2000 photos and several new lipsticks.

I am not a huge resolution person, my birthday is too early in the new year to stick to a diet and I am too excited for it to stick to anything religiously, so I set myself goals for the new year of age ahead as the year is boring after the holiday season and my birthday.

This year I am going to either be adventurous or stupid and set myself 22.. god help me.

  1. To be more determined
  2. Find solutions to problems
  3. Follow through on goals
  4. To not give up so easily
  5. Stress less
  6. Have a positive outlook for the future
  7. Be more jolly and positive (swear this is the same as #6)
  8. De-clutter everything
  9. Eat better (breakfast crisps are great when you are 18)
  10. Have a proper skincare routine and stick to it
  11. Take up a new hobby
  12. Continue learning Turkish (I can manage an extremely basic conversation now)
  13. Save £1000
  14. Go one month (minimum) without buying new makeup, this will probably be the month Huda or Urban Decay release something
  15. Open up a bit more
  16. Learn something new and actually take a course in it
  17. Give my wardrobe a diet
  18. Engage more with the blogging community
  19. Try and wear less makeup
  20. Find a way to help others more
  21. Learn to cook from more recipes
  22. Actually commit to this list and report back in a years time!

The first seven goals were input from my boyfriend, which is kind of sad – he is definitely the bright and cheery to my miserable and dark yang!

I really hope I can stick to these and then reflect back on them and see how much I have done in a year. It is always a good idea to write down your goals and objectives so that you are more committed to them and they hold a greater meaning to you.

Do you set yourself goals for your new year of age ahead? Let me know in the comments below!

Love and (high)light✌

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7th Heaven Red Hot Earth Sauna Masque Review

Happy Sunday Cheeleaders 😊 after sending out a call our for a collective name for my readers my friend suggested “Cheeleaders” as a play on my last name.

Anyway let’s jump straight in to today’s review, my friend and colleague got me in to these face masks after giving me some for my birthday amongst other goodies. Shortly after giving them a whirl and enjoying them, I was on the look out for different masks to try, at roughly a £1-£1.50 you haven’t got anything to lose.

I saw this red hot earth sauna masque in my local savers, I was actually looking for a peel off charcoal one but this one grabbed my attention. It claims to heat up on application and cleanse pores along with relaxing you and taking you to 7th Heaven! Along with this, they are a cruelty free and vegetarian friendly brand. 

On the packaging: “Cleanse to the core with rich Red Earth Sauna Clay and pressed Jasmine. Relax as our self heating face mask opens pores, clearing excess oils without drying. Use weekly for skin that is smooth, relaxed and deep pore clean.”

During application I noticed it was warming up as soon as it touched my face, it’s a strange feeling but not uncomfortable,  I found that the initial warmth doesn’t last that long but it doesn’t become cold. The consistency is nice and thick (it doesn’t dry during the application time), with a nice gentle smell to it.

I was slightly disappointed however, the model on the sachet boasts a lovely opaque red mask on her face… I ended up with some strawberry milkshake colour thin mask on my face. 

I’m really looking forward to trying some more of these masks and I’m so glad I got introduced to the brand. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these masks and what your favourite ones are ⬇️

Love and (high)light✌

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12 days of Christmas: Day 2 – Onion socks a cold remedy

On Christmas eve, desperation kicked in. My cold had finally reared its head which had started as a tickle in my throat 3 days prior, not wanting to feel bad on Christmas day I was willing to try anything out, I came across “onion socks”. The theory behind it is that onions are bacteria magnets and even prevented the plague back in the day. Science has since proved that onions are no more absorbent than any other vegetable (or fruit) and that this is an old wives tale, nevertheless I wanted to give it a try because I had nothing to lose at this point.

I bought 2 loose onions from tescos and had some clear bandage tape already in the house. Just before I went to bed, I cut up the onions so that I had 2 circles about 3cm thick from the widest part of the bulb, I then placed one circle to the arch of my foot and secured it with 2 strips of tape making sure that there was enough tension to keep the slice as close to my skin as possible, I also ensured that the tape didn’t go all the way around in case my feet swelled in the middle of the night. I repeated this for my other foot. I placed some socks over the top in case they started to wander in my sleep.

I was skeptical, an onion ridding me of my sore throat and bunged up head, the slices were cold and wet. About an hour in to it, I was convinced that I was starting to taste onion but I wasn’t giving up.

The next morning, Christmas day I woke up feeling like I was on day 5 of my cold as in no bunged up, no aches, pains, sore throat or runny nose. It was short of a Christmas miracle, I couldn’t believe the affect it had on me. I did it again that night for good measure and again feel great today, I’m definitely recommending this to others and adding it to my arsenal of cold coping strategies.

Do you have any strange but it works cold remedies? Let me know if the comments below ⬇

Day 1: How I got in to blogging

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Filtered beauty sleep

For the longest while studies have suggested that the blue light emitted from our electronic devices interferes with our sleep patterns.  As a result of this it has lead some scientists saying that using your smartphone in bed is as effective on keeping you awake as drinking a cup of coffee before bed.

In honesty by the time I crawl in to my bed, it’s around 11/11:30pm. I feel excessively tired but I will spend the next hour or so on my phone either watching catch up TV or messaging friends. This probably isn’t the best routine but it has fallen in to routine for me nonetheless, if I’m more tired than normal then I will skip the playing with my phone part but I still use it throughout the evening as though it were an extention of my arm.

I downloaded the app Night Screen from the Play Store, as of June 2016 it had a 4.6 (out of 5 stars) rating. The main two features in the free version are the crimson filter to eradicate the blue light and a brightness slider so if you feel that even on the lowest possible default setting it still isn’t dark enough, this app will help you out. Paid features include automatic adjustments at times you specify.

Night 1:

I spent about 2 hours using my phone with the filter activated and fell asleep,

Night 2

I had this app activated around 4 hours before I intended going to sleep, I felt tired during the day with the major fatigue at around 1ish. In bed I felt really relaxed and ready for sleep even though I was doing stuff on my phone..

Night 3

So the night before was the second best nights sleep I’ve had this year, slept straight through for 11 hours and woke up feeling properly rested. Tonight on the other hand, I don’t feel tired or fatigued so this should be interesting.

One week later

So my week has been pretty full on, yet I feel so rested that it could have passed for being off work for a week. Downsides I’ve learned is that I need to pause the filter when taking a screenshot otherwise it picks up the filter tinge. Something I’ve noticed when my alarm goes off now is that I feel like the 7 hours sleep have been sufficient and that I don’t require any more.

At first I was skeptical about claims a bad blue light could disrupt sleeping patterns, but now I’ve disproven my skepticism. I would recommend this app or any blue light filter 100%.

Let me know in the comments belowif you guard your health from 21st century nasties and how!

Love and (high)light✌

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