50+ Beauty & Lifestyle Blog Ideas

First post of 2018 and although it isn’t mine, I think these are very useful post ideas. Thank you Chante and happy new year!

Chanté Poppie

A happy and wonderful NEW YEAR to all of you reading this!


As we begin the new year I thought why not compile a list of beauty and lifestyle blog ideas. This is the kind of post that could come in handy when you’re stuck in a runt or if you’re planning on starting a blog.

Honestly, the sky is the limit you can blog about anything and everything. Your blog is a personal extension of you so go for it!

I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who has read a simple word on this blog or watch a single second of my YouTube videos. I cannot tell you how much your support and feedback means to me.

Without further ado!

  1. Review products
  2. Review a film
  3. Review a book
  4. Review a dish from a restaurant
  5. Review a service
  6. Seasonal Favourites (Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter)

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Blogmas 2017: Day 21 – Christmas day trip to Reading

Hello Cheeleaders! Yesterday I went to Reading with my friend, I have actually finished all of my Christmas shopping, everything that I have bought is also already wrapped and just ready to be given, but my friend asked me to come with her so we could have a last girly day out before the holidays because of clashing schedules. I haven’t been to Reading since 2014 but I was planning to spend New Years Eve there this year with my boyfriend, so it was nice to go back before then so I could get re-familiar with it all. Continue reading “Blogmas 2017: Day 21 – Christmas day trip to Reading”

June reflection

Good morning Cheeleaders! I forgot to mention that in days where I have preplanned posts in my schedule that I will be posting twice that day 😊

I made June so low key, I kicked off the month with Tonsillitis (read and view the gross pics here), I was on a course of antibiotics which usually makes me feel a little ikky and even once I had recovered I was still experiencing the fatigue and sluggishness I had during my initial symptoms. 

Then as the weather perked up, so did I. I wore bright and breezy clothing took a few lookbook photos and just enjoyed myself, my cherry tree gave a massive crop – roughly 3 mixing bowls full and once I sorted out the bad cherries it left me with several spare boxes I could give to my friends and colleagues. 

There was a bit of sadness in June though, I’m convinced something sad happens every month. This time around my boyfriend announced he was leaving the place where we met… Yours truly cried that entire night (even after he tried cheering me up with McDonald’s), I also cried that weekend and a couple of times in the two weeks leading up to his departure although I did extremely well to not cry on his final day, instead we had a lovely date night where we had a movie and meal. We watched All Eyez On Me, the biography of Tupac Shakur – I had been waiting for it since I heard it was the pipeline to be filmed so a very long time and it did not disappoint. I would recommend anyone thinking of seeing it to ignore the critics and just go see it, I might even be going a second time with a friend who wants to see it. Then after going to 5 different restaurants that had up to 20 minutes waiting times to get in, we fell back on our trust Frankie & Bennies which didn’t have a waiting time 😋

To mark my boyfriends leaving, I decided to make a scrapbook of all our memories during his time. It took roughly 7 hours spread over a week to make, plan and source the materials but he really liked it and didn’t expect it. 

There were a few other things, I was lucky enough to win the first giveaway I entered (thank you Brooke 😊), I also passed one of my exams at work.. I missed out on the second one by 6% but I’ll be retaking it soon so hopefully I  will pass it this time around. 

How was June for you? Let me know in the comments below ⬇️

Love and (high)light✌

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