EXPERIENCE | Getting fitted for a bra

When it comes to bras, I am really not fussed about the leading lingerie names. I’m sorry to say, but I don’t own anything by Victorias Secrets, nor Ann Summers or Boux Avene. If I wouldn’t spend £40 on a dress (at full price), why would I do the same on something that to be honest, only I will see?

My favourite bras are from Primark and I am a sucker for their matching sets, the only downfall however is that they do not offer a bra fitting service. I’m 22 now and off the pill, so my body changed again as it settled back down to natural hormones, my bras were getting a little snug and I needed to be re-fitted.

Since I was 13 my bra size was a guestimate based on “if it fits, I must be this size”, this went on for YEARS after puberty. I had a vast collection of bras ranging from B, C and D in various band sizes. I never understood what a poorly fitted bra looked like aside from the obvious, if it cuts in to you like a cheese wire then it must be too tight.

As far as bra fitting was concerned, I had had previous experience with online calculators, which weren’t great – the recommended bra sizes were either too big or too small. Enough was enough and I needed to be fitted by a professional. I went to three stores to get my size checked – John Lewis, Debenhams and M&S, to make sure they were relatively the same and I made sure to wear the same bra to each one for consistency.

Bare in mind that the bra fitting service is a flat service and it is the staff who make or break the experience, so while I may not have been impressed with one store that doesn’t mean to say that their service sucks, it is just their staff. This is the common ground in all the changing rooms:

  • All three fitters could measure me over the top of a thin top or with my top off but keep my existing bra on.
  • They all took a measurement under my existing bra and just looked at my cups before giving their verdict – I didn’t have to expose myself to them.
  • All of them offered a free service with no obligation to make a purchase.

Debenhams (Slough store visted) offer a free bra fitting service in-store and now depending where you live you can book your fitting, I just walked in to my local store to get measured. The staff member was friendly and helpful but she wasn’t very discreet – my friend was stood out on the shop floor and could hear the member of staff proclaiming my bra size from the changing room as she was about to walk out to get me some bras to try on. The size however was spot on and it would be harsh of me to say I wouldn’t recommend Debenhams because of one loud staff member so giving them the benefit of the doubt I would go back again if needed, being Debenhams they also had a lot of variety to choose from.

John Lewis (Reading store visted) also offer a free bra fitting service, the changing room was nice and private with staff who were discreet and respectful – maybe this is because it is more of a luxurious shopping experience being John Lewis? They had a lot of variety again, introducing brands such as Calvin Klein but unfortunately this is where the good experience ended. I was measured to a 32F – two cups off my true size! I went off to try some bras on, but they were big enough to make my handbag redundant – there was so much space in the cups. In the end what was meant to be a relaxing and womanly experience ended up in being a right laugh at the ridiculous sizing of my supposed bra.

M&S (Reading store visted) offer a free bra fitting service which you can book in advance, this was the best experience out of all the fittings. I can’t remember the name of the lady who measured me but she took the time to explain the signs of a poorly fitting bra, she instantly told me as soon as I removed my top that my current bra was not fitting in three different ways and that it was too small. She brought out several bras for me to try on, they were so trendy and just what I would wear (not bad considering I was wearing a plain white bra). She advised me of the same size as Debenhams which was/is a perfect fit and I would definitely go back if I felt that I needed to be remeasured.

I am so glad that I got measured so I can no longer guestimate and I will make sure to keep getting measured as age/babies/weight takes its toll on me!

Love and (high)light✌

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HAUL | Spring makeup additions

I can’t help but feel sad, but this time last week I was halfway through the Easter weekend with my boyfriend in Bath… But the highlight is that there are less than 8 weeks until our holiday now so that gives us something to look forward to.

Giving my makeup bag a spring update was long overdue, so I went on a mini shopping haul. There was nothing that I had run out of so these were just things that I had either wanted to try out for a long time or new to me. Continue reading “HAUL | Spring makeup additions”

How to Balance Work Life / Blogging

Check out this amazing post from Lashes, Love and Lifestyle – it was a much needed read for me, my favourite tip from her is taking photos at the same time!

Makeup with Shan 💅🏽

When I first started my blog I had 3 months off of school, so I didn’t have to worry about a work / blog balance. However in September I started a full time job which took up a lot of my time, for a few months I struggled to stay on top of my blog and stay active with other bloggers. 6 months later I’ve finally got that work / blog balance, and sometimes I still stress about not getting a post done, but there’s always time to get it done. So in today’s post I’m going to be sharing with you how I work full time, yet still run this blog.



Whenever I have spare time I’ll sit down with my notepad and write down post ideas, or I’ll go through my 100 blog post ideas post and basically plan…

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Best hashtags for makeup Instagram posts

Check out this fantastic posy by Shaddows! Although I haven’t been that huge on Instagram lately, this post will be super helpful when I get back to posting properly.


Hashtags make a really big difference to the engagement you receive on posts; when a lot of work has gone into creating a makeup look, likes and comments are ideal.

More popular hashtags are seen by more people but drown very quickly as new posts are published with the same hashtag. Posts with less popular hashtags will remain at the top of the hashtag feed for longer, therefore, seen by a smaller amount of people over a longer period of time. It is probably a good idea to use a mixture of these hashtags.

Below are the hashtags that get lots of engagement. Be careful to only use up to 30 hashtags or the whole caption will be deleted when the picture is posted. Also, try not to over use the same hashtags or you risk being shaddowbanned where your pictures do not show up on any hashtag feeds at…

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VIRAL HACK | DIY 3D False Eyelashes

Sunday mornings are so lazy, my favourite thing to do is just watch YouTube videos in bed before I get up and out.. This new hack has dropped and basically it makes cheap lashes look expensive by giving them a 3D effect.

I love 3D lashes but they are SO expensive, I really don’t think they are worth £10+ for a set. I have started using GWA Mythical Merbabe lashes, they’re only £4 in Savers (review coming soon) and I love them but when I saw this little hack I thought it was definitely worth a go.

Basically all you need is a spoolie brush, cheap set of lashes and a bit of patience. The method is that you aggressively brush the lashes back towards the band, so I brushed the lashes back using a wiggling technique whilst rolling my brush at the same time and I made sure to scoop the lashes from underneath as I was brushing.

Initially I tried this out with Ardell Demi Wispies which are about average in price and my go to lashes for a natural look.

As you can see the top lash vs the bottom lash it didn’t really make that much of a difference, which was disappointing but they aren’t the typical cheap plasticky lash that this hack is designed for.

Both lashes look exactly the same, the one on the left is in its original state and the one on the right has been hack treated.

Not defeated by the first attempt, I tried again using the cheapest pair of lashes I could find. They’re from China, cost £1.50 and look very false!

The hack worked so well on these lashes! They were so flat and plastic but following the spoolie brush out they became softer and layered. I am so impressed by this!

You can really see a difference in the lashes on the right compared to the original state of the left lashes.

I’m not sure how the original creator of this discovered this method – maybe whilst the lashes were being washed out following use and brushed back in to shape? It is the best thing I will probably learn from the beauty world this year, I just wish I thought of it first 🙈

Thank you for reading – don’t forget to sign up for email updates if you’re not a WordPress member. Let me know in the comments below if you are going to try this out!

Love and (high)light✌

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Four Apps You NEED As A Blogger

Check out this really useful post by the wonderful Currently Lately – I will definitely be downloading Canva!

Currently, Lately

Hello, hello!

Happy Sunday to you all.

I hope things have been going well for you. As I’m sitting down to write this post, it’s currently cold and miserable outside. I had actually been planning to do an OOTD today, but when I looked outside and saw the weather conditions (windy, snowy, generally gross), I ultimately decided against it. I cannot tell you how ready I am for winter to be OVER.

Anyway, to pick myself up and out of this winter slump, I thought I would write a post on a more upbeat topic: apps I love.

As a blogger, I’ve discovered that having certain apps at my disposal has made my life a whole lot easier. That being said, today I want to share a few of my top ones.

These apps are pretty popular in the blogosphere. But I figure if you’re new, maybe you haven’t heard…

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