22 🎉

I cannot believe it has been over a week since my birthday on Saturday, having a birthday on the weekend is the most convenient thing ever as not only are you excited for the weekend but also for your birthday, it makes planning so much easier – who wants to go to a club on a Wednesday? I also made the most of it and took Friday and Monday off at work to get a much needed four day weekend after the chaos of the holiday season!

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Day 85- Signs of the Zodiac Nails!

How cool are these nails, have you spotted your zodiac sign? I love every year when we are in Capricorn season as it feels like my time to shine!

The Naily Dale

IMG_3848.JPGDay 85

Signs of the Zodiac Nails!

I don’t actually believe in horoscopes and star signs but for some reason I’ve always loved the idea of them. There’s something quite special about having something ‘personal’ (I mean it’s not really) for when you were born. I don’t know about you but I always feel sort of proud of my own star sign!

I’m a Taurus (woo! Shout out to my fellow Taurus people!) so I decided to do a quick google of typical Taurus traits and the same things kept coming up-

Dominant, observant, strong and artistic

I’d say observant and artistic are probably true but not so sure about dominant and strong. I’m your pretty classic introvert and if we’re talking physical strength I genuinely struggle to pick up a water jug at the kitchen table…

What about you? Do your star sign’s traits match your personality?

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12 things January babies can relate to

Happy hump day everyone, hope the week is treating you well I know mine is because after Thursday I’m off for a week and one day as it’s my birthday which is why today’s post is about stuff January babies can relate to and maybe even December ones depending on where their birthday falls. So without further ado let’s jump in to it!

  1. You contemplate a mid year birthday. Being born in January means you’ve had the holiday excitement Halloween, Diwali, Christmas, Hanukkah and New years which means after your birthday and Easter there’s nothing really left to celebrate between May-October. Leaving you with the idea of a made up birthday celebrating the fact you’re now 21 and a half. 
  2. You’re poor. If you’re like me and unlucky enough to have your birthday days before payday (so close yet so far) you’ll know that your bank card is still trying to catch it’s breath from the holiday season and you were so busy buying presents and alcohol you forgot you’ll be another year older in 3 weeks time causing your celebrations to roll in to February.
  3. Joint holiday and birthday gifts. This one doesn’t really bother me so much, a gift is a gift but I know a lot of December and January kiddos that get one big present which is for Christmas and Birthday.
  4. If you’re really unlucky you might just get to celebrate your birthday on Blue Monday which is known as the most depressing day of the year, usually the 3rd Monday of January there is no escaping this one.
  5. Your presents are nicer compared to people born later in the year. January means sales which brings the nicer presents along as the giftee managed to pick it up at a rock bottom price.
  6. Just when you thought you were done with the present buying for the holiday season, you know 5 people born in January.
  7. Alternatively your present may not have been originally intended for you and is actually regifted.
  8. You’re more likely to be sick on your birthday because it’s in the middle of winter. I’ve been sick so many times for my birthday, it’s either that or Christmas.
  9. Your plans are altered due to the weather. When I was growing up I always wanted it to snow on my birthday, it did in 2012. Since then snow is very much unwelcome during my celebrations.
  10. Birthday dinners are tinged by your delegates referencing their diet several times and that they’re going to “be good” with every menu choice
  11. Your outfits aren’t as cute as they could have been because it’s -5°c outside and you’re wrapped up like an Eskimo
  12. When you were little your birthday felt miles away following Christmas, now before you know it you’ll blink and it’s your birthday eve.

    So my birthday falls on the 20th meaning I’m on the nose of Capricorn going in to Aquarius as I was born in England. I definitely identify as a Capricorn and carry a lot of strong Goat traits. Let me know in the comments below if you share similar problems about your birthday or if you experience different ones ⬇

    Love and (high)light✌

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