HAUL | Spring makeup additions

I can’t help but feel sad, but this time last week I was halfway through the Easter weekend with my boyfriend in Bath… But the highlight is that there are less than 8 weeks until our holiday now so that gives us something to look forward to.

Giving my makeup bag a spring update was long overdue, so I went on a mini shopping haul. There was nothing that I had run out of so these were just things that I had either wanted to try out for a long time or new to me.


Revolution Luxury Banana Powder £5 – I’ve wanted to try proper baking and banana powder for ages, so when I saw this was on offer in Superdrug I thought why not and bought it. I’ve only used it once but it definitely helped my makeup stay put and my makeup didn’t crease under my eyes once.

Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer £4 – I bought this in shade C2, it was the last sealed one in the store so I was super lucky to get my hands on this. I will be doing a full review on this one soon but I think this will be the only concealer that I will need for a while as I doubt something cheaper will come out that surpasses this!

L’Oreal Paris True Match Le Blush in 120 Sandalwood £7.99 – This is something that I needed, I never have a single blush it is always in a palette and when I am travelling I don’t like having to take the whole palette with me so I bought this blush as it is the closest shade to what I normally like to wear. It comes with a brush and mirror in the bottom of the compact, but I don’t think I would use the brush if I am being honest.

PS… Primer Water £2 – This has been out for a while and compared to the Smashbox Primer Water, I actually don’t know what I was doing before I discovered this. I tend to spray it on before I apply my silicone based primer and this just locks in moisture without compromising my makeups longevity.

PS… My Perfect Colour Matte Foundation £3 – Again, I was unable to find a link to this from the Primark website and I am confused if this is the highly coveted Double Wear dupe as it was not in the same square bottle as I was expecting. I have only tried this once and will be reviewing properly soon but so far so good and I am looking forward to this being my light Spring/Summer foundation.

e.l.f Lip Primer & Plumper £4.50 – I need to try this out a couple more times before I give it a full verdict but as a first impression to the brand it has been a poor one. Thankfully I actually got this for free, so I am not that pained about this fail.

Golden Rose Terracotta Eyeshadow shade 134 £4.50 – I wish my boyfriend had captured my excitement to see this in Primark, unfortunately they only had one shade but I think they are testing the waters with this brand before releasing a whole range. The reason why I was so happy to see this is because I follow a lot of Turkish bloggers and they are always featuring Golden Rose in their posts – the pigments are insane and I really hope I can get my hands on some more of their products asap!

New Look Shape and Define Eyebrow Kit £6.99 (I got this for £2) shade Medium Brown – I haven’t changed my brow routine since going blonde and I know that eyebrows are a dead giveaway to your natural hair colour so while I don’t want to lighten my brows I am trying to switch up my brow product to achieve a lighter and more natural look.

I hope you liked this mini haul! I am going to try and go on a no-spend now as there is nothing that I need to replace but I do have my eye on the new Urban Decay Backtalk palette but that isn’t out yet. As far as reviews go I am definitely going to try and review some of the products that I have listed and will link back to the full review on this post.

What is on your wishlist or you have bought recently? let me know in the comments below!

Love and (high)light✌

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3 thoughts on “HAUL | Spring makeup additions

  1. Ooh I haven’t seen that eyeshadow in Primark. I must get to a Primark immediately! The foundation is different to the double wear dupe I believe- I have both of them for some reason 😂


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