REVIEW | Schwarzkopf Color Mask

It was New Years Eve and I was adament that I was leaving my roots in 2017 (if it was only for another 6 weeks that is), New Years Eve fell on a Sunday so I was already at a disadvantage with the shops closing early. I wanted some cheap eyelashes and we were in Reading and although I am ok with the layout of the town, I am not as familiar as though it were Uxbridge or Windsor so armed with Google Maps I descended down one of the side streets that seemed a little dodgy but I had my boyfriend being dragged alongside me so it wasn’t too bad and we headed to Savers. That is where I found this hair dye and it was only about £4 I think so a bargain in a jam.

Apart from when I bleach it, I only ever colour my hair using Schwarzkopf but the last time I used the brand was in 2016 with the post Schwarzkopf XXL Live Colour Review (which is also my most popular blog post over the years) so I was aware they have a crap tonne of new formulas and techiniques to try out, I decided to try out the Schwarzkopf Colour Mask in the shade 910 Champagne Blonde.

The best “before” photo that I could find.

Now my hair was already pre-lightened but the last time I had toned it was in mid-November and as we know, bleached hair wee’s colour (which is same thing I referenced in that 2016 post) so I was resembling yellow wheat with dark roots by the 31st December.

The method is straight forward with the instructions recommending application based on first time application and root touch up, my intentions were to remove all the yellow and blend my roots in so I applied this as though it were a first time application. In the box you get 1 tube of Colour Cream, 1 pot of Developer Cream, 1 sachet of Shea Butter enriched conditioner and of course instructions (with the gloves enclosed).

My hair was two days dirty, so I applied the mask (after shaking it to mix up the formula exactly 40 times – this is what the instructions say!) all over I sectioned my hair roughly with my fingers making sure that I targeted my scalp first then moved through to my lengths and sat patiently with the cream on my head which went slightly lilac during its development time.


As always Schwarzkopf did not let me down, while the formula is still a little bit fumey my hair was soft and conditioned after use, I styled it as normal and it looked shiny and healthy.

The best “after” picture that I could find.

While this Color Mask isn’t designed to lift dark hair by a great number of shades, it does blend your roots in for a more natural look so I was happy with the final result and this was my intention to blend and tone. I was left with minimal natural looking roots, light ashy blonde lengths and no yellow tones in sight.

Don’t forget that this is still a hair dye and you must always follow application instructions prior to colouring with a patch test to check for sensitivities, while this does not guarantee you are not allergic it is better safe than sorry. –now I need to go and practice my own damn advice….

Let me know in the comments below what you favourite box dye is.

Love and (high)light✌

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