TUTORIAL | Heartbeat nail art

What you will need: Short striper brush, white, black and red nail polish.


Step one: Ace your base! Paint on enough coats of white nail polish until your shade becomes opaque. Wait for this to dry fully before you start carving out your design.


Step two: Using your striper brush, paint a small red heart that is slightly off center of the nail.


Step three: Taking your striper brush this time with black polish, you need to draw the Echocardiograph lines that go up and down. Take your time with this to ensure that you get clean lines and sharp angles.

Step four: Using the striper brush a final time take a little bit of white polish and paint a short white line along the top right angle of the heart to represent some depth.

Wait until this design is fully dry before sealing it in with a clear polish otherwise you could smear the design!

Happy Valentines xx

Love and (high)light✌

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