YEAR OF THE DOG | Chinese new year makeup picks

Another year (well just over a year this time as it’s based on the moon) has gone and we are soon entering the Lunar New Year of the Dog 🐶

The Dog gathers the best traits of human nature: he is loyal, honest, smart and sociable. This could not be truer, my best friend is born under this animal and she holds all the best qualities to this sign.

More and more brands are coming out with special ranges to mark this auspicious celebration, there aren’t many new releases this year but here are the ones I have found which you can purchase in the UK.


My favourite Chinese New Year release has to be the Giorgio Armani Chinese New Year Palette.

Photo source: House of Fraser

This is an illuminating palette which is a nude tinted pressed powder, embossed with an image of a dog. The biggest reason, as much as I like this that I am not buying it is because this retails for £60 – but you can buy it here if you are interested.


CT CNY.jpg
Photo source: Charlotte Tilbury

While the brand is not releasing a special Chinese New Year range, it is showcasing its bestsellers and most appropriate products for the season on its website here. I think this is the best representation of a western brand trying to be inclusive as it has chosen to promote suitable products for makeup during this time whilst keeping it to a realistic price.

M.A.C Cosmetics

MAC .jpg

So last year M.A.C launched a collection for the year of the Rooster, which was ok the website was nicely designed but this year I really do not like what they have done. They are marketing it as Lunar New Year with a slogan that has nothing to do with (in my opinion) Chinese New Year. I feel like this is just a repackaged Ombre range as all the packaging is a pink and white fade, which is very disappointing as not once have they referenced that we will be entering in to the year of the dog and what this represents.

In a nutshell, it is great to see more and more western brands especially since I was recently disheartened by my local Sainsburys – they had two large aisles dedicated to Valentines, Pancake Day and Easter, their representation of Chinese New Year on the other hand was a small display on the foot of an aisle (just over a metre wide) of patterned crockery that had more IKEA inspired designs than Oriental. While I don’t appreciate the commercial side of the holidays, I really hope more and more companies celebrate and welcome Chinese New Year as much as they do holidays from other backgrounds.

Kung hei fat choi! (which by the way is not how to say happy new year, it is a wishing for prosperity)

Love and (high)light✌

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