22 🎉

I cannot believe it has been over a week since my birthday on Saturday, having a birthday on the weekend is the most convenient thing ever as not only are you excited for the weekend but also for your birthday, it makes planning so much easier – who wants to go to a club on a Wednesday? I also made the most of it and took Friday and Monday off at work to get a much needed four day weekend after the chaos of the holiday season!

Three days of my time off was spent with my boyfriend who planned out the best activity for me on the Saturday – he took me to Knockout Escape Rooms Reading, which is a host for escape rooms (I have always wanted to do something like this). I believe they have two rooms with the theme of mad scientist in one of them and prison break in the other, we went to the mad scientist room and it was so much fun! We were locked in the room for 1 hour and boy did that time fly past, in that 60 minutes we had to find clues and crack the puzzles given to us, for obvious reasons I cannot share the puzzles we encountered as that spoils the fun but I can say that we got locked in on the last puzzle – we got to see the solution of it at the end and were kicking ourselves as it was so obvious in hindsight!


After that, we went to Bracknell and paid a visit to the new Lexicon Centre which was really nice and we will definitely be going back there in the summer as it was raining really heavily that day.

We spent the evening in my favourite restaurant Tamara Lounge, which he kindly arranged a surprise in the form of the waiter bringing me a chocolate cake with a masive firework candle sort of thing (which I being the dumbass I am tried to blow out 🙈). I asked my boyfriend when he arranged it and he said that he did it in front of me – a large party of people had arrived at the time so I was oblivious to it.


We had a really great three days together and I am so excited for our next extended stay which is Bath during the Easter break – let me know in the comments below if you have been and what you would recommend!

The Monday I spent with my best friend (who has their birthday in just under 3 weeks time!), she didn’t tell me where we were going or what we were doing, we ended up in Reading and we started our day with a really lovely meal in Comptoir Libanais – a Lebanese restaurant.


The food there was amazing although the portions were massive! The side dish, Batata Harra was so good and it has inspired me to try and make it myself.

For the next part of my surprise, she took my to see the Greatest Showman which was so good. I had heard the soundtrack a couple of days before seeing the film but oh my days it is so uplifting and I would say even someone who doesn’t like musicals would appreciate this.

Reading riverside

All in all, I had a lovely four days and am so lucky to be surrounded by the best people! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, only 51 weeks until the next one! I’m going to be posting a 22 goals soon too, which is another reason why I am not huge on new year resolutions. Have you had a birthday in January, how did you spent it?

Love and (high)light✌

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