2017 reflection and 2018 goals 💪

Cheeleaders, how quick has this year gone? We are a few hours of 2018 and I can’t believe that I am sharing my reflection on 2017 goals already, so lets see how things turned out. If you would like to read the original post, you can read it here.

I don’t have high hopes for 2017 as that always leads to disappointment but there are several things that I want to achieve and look forward to such as:

  • Passing my audit at work and being promoted a band up – I passed my audit the first time with flying colours, unfortunately I had to resit my exam but I did get promoted in July on the second attempt.
  • Reaching 4000 views and 200 followers on my blog (no pressure) – I think it is safe to say that I smashed this, I am currently over 10,200 views and now have over 300 (WordPress) followers. I was not expecting that many views and followers so thank you each and every one of you! I would have probably been on 11k by now if I hadn’t gone on hiatus but oh well I am extremely happy with where I am.
  • Once reaching my target amount of views and follows, potentially taking my blog to self hosted levels – Following my break, I did come back and take my blog self hosted. It was spurred on by the fact I had a week of bed rest ahead of me and I wanted something to keep myself from getting cabin fever (you can also read about it here).
  • Going on a few weekend mini breaks during the summer and towards the autumn to explore new parts of England – Unfortunately, this didn’t really happen. Although I explored new parts of London, spent a week in Hastings, I am spending a little more time in Reading now and I have an upcoming trip to Bath  in Easter.

Depending on how things go with my blog I might also consider vlogging but that’s something for future Leilani to think about. This didn’t happen although it was more of a passing thought rather than a goal but I have started sharing more mini videos on my Instagram.

In addition to this, I started learning Turkish from March and I think it is going quite well although I like having the safety net of poorly translated English subtitles during the ott Turkish soaps I have taken to watching.

I went to a few more events that I am super late to post about but I will get around to it, I went to the London Halal food festival, Cake and Bake show (again) and BeautyCon.

This year I also made some really good bloggerships and hopefully I will meet you all at some point as they are luckily in the UK!

So I think I can safely say that I managed to achieve 3/4 bullet points which isn’t bad at all considering I have the attention span of a flea, I get bored easily and was a little financially challenged too.

My personal goals for 2018 have gone down the pan a little bit unfortunately for reasons out of my control and I really don’t know how I can make them come true at the moment, so I will focus on my blogging goals as I feel like I have more chance of following them through.

  • Use more lipstick! My collection is forever growing with the bullets being barely touched. It is not resourceful as after the first use you have to use them within a certain time frame and I feel like I have at least 20 which are long overdue their trash date.
  • Learn more the tech side of blogging, SEO, Bloglovin’ and harness affiliate marketing. I also want to look in to taking my blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org as you can use adsense on there and google analytics but that is not for the wet eared blogger like me just yet!
  • Stop hoarding media on my phone, I do not need more than 14000 photos/videos on my phone it is draining my battery – thank goodness I do not have an iPhone.

Also following on from this recent article in Cosmopolitan, I am going to hoard all of my empties during 2018 (hopefully if I follow through with bullet point 1!) and add up the total cost to scare myself so I go back to using traditional Ancient Egyptian makeup techniques – mud for contour and squashed bugs for lipstick!

How was 2017 for you? I hope it was kind and I wish you all the best for 2018! xx

Love and (high)light✌

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