TUTORIAL | Firework nail art

One of my change of ways (I don’t like resolutions) is that I will be using up my current products before buying new ones, so this look was actually was from Diwali and as new years is also a celebratory time with fireworks I thought why not rework something I have already done.

What you will need: nail polish in white, blue, red and a glittery one, striper brush and nail gems.

Step one: Paint the entire nail white, make sure that you apply enough coats so that the colour is opaque.

Step two: Using your striper brush with red polish, start in the centre of the nail and draw a flick outwards, do this again making a stripe in the opposite direction. Repeat this again and again with the red and blue polish.

Step three: Take the glitter polish and add it to some of the sides of the stripes.

Step four: Add a dot of polish in to the centre of the firework and place a nail gem there.

Make sure your design is fully dry before sealing it in with a top coat!

Let me know in the comments below what you think and if you like seasonal nail art!

Love and (high)light✌

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