REVIEW | Eylure Pro-Lash individual eyelashes

Hello Cheeleaders, happy Thursday! Another long weekend is already is sniffing distance – I hope yesterday wasn’t too bad for you all.

Today I’m going to review something I didn’t think I would eventually master enough to like, it’s the Pro-Lash individual eyelashes by Eylure. 

“Eylure – the world’s favourite brand for false eyelashes since 1947. You’ll love our range of fake eyelashes, including all-time Eylure favourites as well as the hottest collections from Vegas Nay, House of Holland, Fleur de Force, Rosie Bea and Cheryl. We stock a huge variety of false lashes for every occasion, from day-to-day wear to stylish nights out with the girls, making sure you’ll never go wanting when it comes to the perfect fake lashes.” – courtesy of the Eylure website.

I have been using Eylure for years, they were the brand I reached for when I wore my very first pair of false eyelashes about 4 years ago and from then I loved them. There are so many ranges and collaborations to choose from that you are not stuck for options and there is always something new from them that I want to try (I currently have my eye on their new 3D mink effect lashes). I love this brand so when I came home to a massive box of PR goodies of all my favourite products from Eylure I was so surprised! I have been in contact with the fabulous Eylure team for a while now – shoutout to Norresa and Rosie, who kindly arranged for this to be sent over.

So I’ve used individual eyelashes for a while now but only temporarily affixing them with normal lash glue just to even and fill out my lash line. I recently came across this eyelash kit just before my holiday, I wanted my lashes to look good and for me not to care about them so I bought a pack (I actually bought two because I had my doubts whether one would be enough). I followed the instructions lightheartedly and applied the lashes, they looked great but later than evening a couple fell out then the next morning they had all fallen out and with it, had taken numerous lashes of my own. I was fuming, hated the product and never wanted to buy it again discarding it as the worst product ever.

Then after I calmed down a few weeks later, I tried again this time equipped with a few YouTube videos under my belt and properly reading the instructions – result! I had a full set which looked fantastic and lasted almost a week.

Now that peace and harmony are restored with the lashes let’s crack on with the review!

Duos and trios

There is a vast range for you to choose from, with my favourites being duos and trios as you can do your lashes in half the time! 

Knotted on the left and knot free on the right

Recently Eylure have added knot-free lashes to their range, which I adore and got to try out in my PR package. Personally I like them because I can slot them in to my own eyelashes and they still look so natural, these are probably the lashes I would reach for if I was going for a temporary look as you can disguise them so easily.

Fine to full

Another great thing about the Pro-Lash range is that you can customise your look depending on what you are looking for – a full thick set of lashes or sparse natural looking fillers.

A personal favourite a whole set of “full” lashes

You can buy packs of solely full lashes or even just a particular length.

Just short lashes

So Eylure really cater to their consumer’s needs with the variety they offer.

All sets come with instructions on application and removal, along with SuperFix clear glue and LiftOff eyelash glue dissolver.


The instructions are very clear in the packaging so I would recommend following them first, but this is how I like to do my lashes.

  1. Remove the lashes I want from the packaging and line them up in order of application to both eyes.
  2. Clean the eyelid and lash line with micellar water to remove any excess oils.
  3. Place some of the SuperFix on to a piece of foil.
  4. Take the first eyelash intended for the outer corner of the eye, dip the “root” in the the glue and then apply. I like to apply it so it is bonded to my own lashes but I make sure it is butted up to my skin so that it looks natural.
  5. Once I’ve finished I then go ahead and curl them with an eyelash curler – this will also encourage lashes that haven’t bonded so well out that way you can reapply them there and then.

If you get a bit excessive with the glue it will sting and also leave a small ball at the base of the eyelash but you can conceal this with black liquid eyeliner. 

The finished result

I have to stress that this takes practice and preservation, you may not get it right the first time – I didn’t and that is ok. With practice I can make a full set last almost a week and maybe even longer if I didn’t use oil based makeup remover.

What they look like with makeup on


There isn’t really much you have to do, every morning I gently wash my eye area then comb out my eyelashes. When it comes to removing my makeup I still use an oil based cleanser but again I am gently wiping my eyelid. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is running your eyes as this would get them dislodged but that would apply to the salon based eyelash extensions too.

All in all I love how these turn out, I can apply them in roughly 15 minutes and have them last almost a week. For the price you pay, you can’t ask for better than that and as I have said it I changed my makeup remover they may even last longer.

Let me know in the comments below what you think and if this has inspired you to try DIY eyelash extensions!

Love and (high)light✌

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*I received these products free of charge with no pressure either verbally or monetarily to produce a review that is favorable to the brand, this is 100% my own opinion and experience of using the products for a period of time.


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