Hello my lovely Cheeleaders, I have something exciting to share with you!

You may have already seen on my Instagram or on my Portfolio page, but if you haven’t well here it is, I am a guest writer in the Open-Close Magazine! I first got followed by the magazine in May and I just dropped them a message to ask what the magazine was about as it was up and coming at the time and looked really interesting, after a while of messaging the creator Zahra was looking for content and asked me if I would like to submit something so I thought I would do it because if you don’t try you will never know and I had nothing to lose, I was still on the high of posting every day in July and I just went for it. Instantly she loved my work thankfully and that is how I got in to it.

The Open-Close magazine is a collective effort with contributors from around the world, there is something in it for everyone from lifestyle to makeup (that’s me!), art and poetry.

I am so happy to be a part of this and seeing my work published is just mad, there were no words to describe the first time I saw my work in there back in August. I knew about the project since May and I was asked to write for them in July so that it would be ready for publication in August, I kept it quiet for ages and in the end I told my boyfriend during a night out and I was so nervous because it was very real when I said it out loud – I told him a week before it was due out and his reaction was so surprised and supportive!

The first issue went out in August and the second one came out just last month in November, definitely check it out as I have been posting about trend and seasonal makeup with some exclusive content which you have not seen on my blog.

Zahra is always looking for contributions, if you are interested then please email openclosemag@gmail.com

Love and (high)light✌

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Instagram: @macquillagewithleilani

Snapchat and Twitter: MissLCAK


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