Blogmas 2017: Day 22 – Christmas tree nail art tutorial

Out of my nail art collection this year, this is my favourite because of how simple yet effective it was to do. There is another one from the collection that I love too but the Christmas tree just pipped it to the post.


What you will need: Dotting tool, chunky green glitter plus one star shaped glitter or you can use a silver gem, a neutral base colour (I used “I Pink, I can” from the Avon Mark Gel Polish range) and green nail polish.

Step one: Making sure that your base coat is dry, place a blob of the green nail polish on to a piece of foil or plastic. Dip your dotting tool in to the green polish and then place four dots in a line to create the base of the tree, moisten the other end of your dotting tool to pick up the chunky glitter individually and then place each one in to the centre of your dots. Repeat the line of dots four more times, making less dots each level you go up and remembering to place the glitter while the polish is still wet.

Step two: Create a really small dot, moisten your dotting tool and pick up the star to put on top of your treesterpiece!

Don’t forget to seal in your glitter with a layer or two of top coat!

Let me know in the comments if you have had a go at this or what your favourite nail art is!

Love and (high)light✌

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