Blogmas 2017: Day 21 – Christmas day trip to Reading

Hello Cheeleaders! Yesterday I went to Reading with my friend, I have actually finished all of my Christmas shopping, everything that I have bought is also already wrapped and just ready to be given, but my friend asked me to come with her so we could have a last girly day out before the holidays because of clashing schedules. I haven’t been to Reading since 2014 but I was planning to spend New Years Eve there this year with my boyfriend, so it was nice to go back before then so I could get re-familiar with it all.

I’m not sure if they are genuinely old but there a lot of old looking buildings in Reading.

We aimed to miss the rush hour so got in to Reading for about 10:30 and decided to eat first then shop, so we went to Costa had a chat, panini and watched the world go by. Speaking of watching, we got on to the subject of contact lenses and she encouraged me to watch a laser eye surgery scene from Final Destination, a film series I have not yet seen and after that clip I doubt I want to watch it now…

Thank you Wuntu for the free Coffee!

The panini was more to line our stomachs, so then we accidentally followed our noses to the Market Square where there were about 7 tents offering cuisine from around the world, most of the food there I have already tried before in some shape or form but the tent that caught my eye was called Peru Sabor, which is a Peruvian Street Food company. Now I have never tried this food before so I was really intrigued as to what it would be like as I knew nothing, I was expecting a cross between Mexican and Brazilian food for some reason but it was nothing like that. To help me with my dining choice, they had several pre-cooked dishes out as examples so you could see (and smell) what you were getting.


I went with the Lono Saltado which from what I could see consisted of stir fry beef, chips (that were cooked in with the beef), rice and zesty salad. It was so so yummy, the biggest shame is that they were not Halal so my friend couldn’t try any of it as it was really good. I definitely cannot wait to try some more food from Peru!


With our street food in tow, we headed to the Oracle which was packed full of people walking around like chaotic ants. I actually prefer the Oracle to Westfield now that I have been to both, I think this is because after the Oracle there is still so much shopping that Reading has to offer plus there is the Riverside dining area which is really lovely in the summer.


We wandered around so many shops and I wish that I remembered to put my Misfit on as I would have loved to see how many steps I walked during the day. While I was there, I took advantage of the John Lewis and M&S bra fitting services which I will posting about soon as they were really interesting experiences with M&S coming out on top for service.


I also checked out the newcomers in two of my favourite brands, Nails Inc and Urban Decay. I am looking to replace my Beached bronzer as I have hit pan on it and I am not sure if I should just repurchase or opt for the Hoola this time.. let me know what you are loving to contour with at the moment!

All in all it was a really lovely day with my friend, she is one of those people who we could buy a train ticket to a random place and we will make the most out of the area! My only slight disappointment was that we didn’t see a Christmas market, just a few pop up tents scattered in random areas but maybe we had already missed it or went on the wrong day.

Let me know in the comments below if you have made a special shopping trip and where you would recommend for me to visit next year!

Love and (high)light✌

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