Blogmas 2017: Day 18 – Hated Christmas Activities

If I’m honest, there isn’t much that I hate about Christmas, okay maybe the cold weather but I wouldn’t want to spend the holiday in a sun dress but there a couple things that I can think of that I really dislike the most.

Taking down the decorations. This is the bit that I hate the most, the house always looks so bare when the decorations are gone and it seems to take longer putting them away than it did getting them up. I also hate how close yet far my birthday is from it because how cool must it be having the tree up during your birthday celebrations?!

Clearing the table. I am lazy af when it comes to this sort of stuff and hate getting roped in to the kitchen duties when I am stuffed up to my ears with roast dinner.

Recycling. I love to recycle, to the point where if I walk past one of the bins in my office and spot something that shouldn’t be in there I will remove it and put it in the recycling. But during Christmas it just seems like more of a chore for some reason.

Queues. I am super inpatient when it comes to queuing and the last minute holiday rush makes it even worse, I feel like there should be more 5 items or less tills open during this time as I don’t do bulk loads of shopping.

Mince pies that expire before Christmas. This is a strange one but it really annoys me, you see them out for sale straight after Halloween but if you check the dates they usually last before Christmas comes which really bugs me for some reason.

Let me know in the comments below what your most hated parts of Christmas are!

Love and (high)light✌

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