the fear of not being good enough (at blogging) | BLOGMAS DAY 13

Check out this great post by Lilyxoxoh – this is how I felt when I went on to my blog hiatus until I picked up the pieces and kicked myself up the bum. Definitely give this a read if you are feeling underwhelmed with your blog and looking for some inspiration as we all feel like this at some point as a blogger xo

I saw a post from littlebeautyblong called “Am i a good enough blogger?”

It inspired me to write about my thoughts on my blog and my insecurities and worries about it.

I started blogging in July. I had been wanting to blog forever! I just didn’t know when was the right time. Then i did it. I created my blog which was originally called “lilyxoxoh”

I was having fun at the time, writing posts, talking to other bloggers, and sharing my daily life. But quickly, i started becoming very inconsistent with posts. I don’t know if it’s laziness or no inspiration, maybe both. I wasn’t motivated enough to post about anything and i started deciding whether or not to just give up. It seemed as though i wasn’t a good blogger and had nothing to talk about.

I started taking frequent breaks that some have lasted a month. The blog…

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3 thoughts on “the fear of not being good enough (at blogging) | BLOGMAS DAY 13

  1. I’ve often compared myself to other bloggers and think I have no right to be here because mine is blah compared to others. Then I realize that is such garbage!! If I didn’t deserve to be here, they would do a test you have to pass to get into WordPress. But they don’t. In fact, it’s free. I have just as much right to be here as any other blog I follow. So do you and so does the blogger who originally posted this. We each have a unique space to share thoughts with the world.

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    1. This is exactly how I feel! And you’re so right, WordPress doesn’t put your work through a test prior to creation to see if you’re worthy or not. Definitely my confidence has grown over time but every now and then something will chink it x

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