#12: Balancing Study, Stress and Christmas.

Check out this much needed post from AwkwardOffline, as joyous and elating as the holiday season can be, it can also be a time of great stress and pressure unfortunately. Item number 3 is something that I need to practice more as I always feel like my scales are off balance.


Now we’ve come to my last day of blogmas, I was hoping to do 24 posts but I really don’t have as much time as I thought I did. So I’ll leave you with what my December is going to be spent doing – studying. Like me many of you may have December or January exams so I thought I’d share the things I’ll be doing to try and study this month.

1. A Timetable: 

I think this is most important for me because I have a habit of procrastinating. Set yourself a timetable that is reasonable and doable. I plan to only study one or two subjects in a day so my brain doesn’t get too confused. I’m also going to study within daytime hours like I would at college. 9-4.

2. Mind Maps:

Mind maps will be your best friends, whether it’s a brainstorm or just writing out…

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