Blogmas 2017: Day 7 – Work at Christmas

One of the reasons why I love Christmas apart from the main day itself it being at work, yes you read that right I love being at work for Christmas. I have been very fortunate in my job including previous roles to celebrate the festivities within the department in such a fun way. In my first job, we played a version of secret Santa where we didn’t pull a name from a hat, instead we would be challenged with buying something for £1 then wrapping it up and place it in Santas sack with a random number. Individuals would then get the chance to pull a random number and pull the corresponding numbered present from the sack, one person got Toothpaste and another got an actual £1 coin. It was good fun and brought the departments together.

Then in my last job before I came to where I am now, we would do a Christmas Quiz in conjunction with other teams within the building, this one was interesting because everyone had to bring their “native” dish for the buffet so for example if you were Chinese you would have to bring Chinese sweets or snacks. I really enjoyed this because we got to come together and share our diverse backgrounds with food!


Christmas hat
I kind of miss my hair short like this…

Moving forward to the present day, Christmas in the office is still just as fun, this is the biggest team that I have ever worked in so that means even more food and laughs shared! Our Secret Santa is traditional, where we pull names at random and have to buy them something within a £10 budget. Last year was a little tricky for me as I wasn’t in the department for very long but thankfully I could ask my mentor for guidance as I didn’t want to get the person something they wouldn’t like.

I’ve been nominated to buy the Yule Log this year – I don’t think it will be this cute though!
This was the main table of food, this year will be even bigger as we are fully staffed now.

My favourite part of the fun are the festive quizzes as I have a memory that retains really useless information such as when Sk8r Boi came out.. FYI if anyone gets asked where do Poinsettias originate from the answer is “Mexico” – you can thank me later!

Let me know in the comments below what your work or place of study does for the holidays!

Love and (high)light✌

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