Blogmas 2017: Day 6 – Season of Goodwill

So we are almost one week in to Blogmas already and if I am being honest, I feel a little bored and uninspired already. Maybe it is the come down from doing 5 straight days of gift ideas or the fact this seems to be dragging and less inspired than the 12 Days of Christmas that I did last year. But it is what it is, I have to commit to this now and at least at the end I can say that I did it then assess whether it was worth it or not.

Anyway today I am focusing on the season of goodwill, the modern day Christmas has a lot of pressures unfortunately – we want to be generous but sometimes money is a drawback, we want to be kinder but then you come across things that funk that kindness, we are busier than usual and then exhausted at the end of it going from party to family and family to another party. Before you know it you are 5kg heavier than you planned, spending like you’re not in overdraft and so exhausted from the social side of things that going back to work for some normality and routine is a welcome relief.

I’ve painted a pretty bleak picture haven’t I? the purpose of that was to show how easy and quickly you can get absorbed by the season. Here are 10 simple things that you can do to bring kindness back to your holidays:

  1. Offer to pay for the person in front or behind you in the queue.
  2. Buy a homeless person a hot drink and/or meal.
  3. Send things you no longer require to a charity shop.
  4. Donate to charity in lieu of giving presents or cards (thank you English with Kirsty for this great idea).
  5. Volunteer at a local hospital to feed patients or read Christmas stories on the childrens ward (if you are in the UK plan this ahead so that the DBS checks go through).
  6. Do a shop for a foodbank.
  7. Organise a cooked lunch or dinner at your local religious/community centre.
  8. If you have elderly neighbours, offer to pick up daily essentials for them.
  9. Compliment a stranger either in person or via social media.
  10. Offer a skill that you have on local buying and selling pages, for example gift wrapping or flower arranging.

I am a huge believer in what you put out in to the universe you get straight back and I have had so many examples already how true this is. On Monday, I paid for my colleagues coffee along with my own then when I went to pay for the food I was picking up, the man in front of me let me go ahead of him and he had the equal amount of items.

If you are still looking for goodwill inspiration following the holidays, the next pay it forward day will be 28th April 2018. Pay it forward is an idea where individuals do 3 or more acts of kindness, check out their website for more ideas.

Let me know in the comments below how you bring kindness to the holidays.

Love and (high)light✌

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