MacquillageWithLeilani is now self hosted! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

I am so excited to announce that I have taken the blog to new self hosted dimensions!

The original plan was to take some time out and then come back in January self hosted with a fresh new look and vibe 

but that didn’t quite work out for a variety of reasons, one of them was a case of if I don’t do it now I probably wouldn’t get back in to it, I’m currently on a week off (due to my tooth extraction) and wanted something constructive to keep myself busy that I could do from my rest bed and also I am so close to ending the year on 10,000 views that it would be amazing to close 2017 on a high.

One of the biggest reasons that I was unable to go self hosted when I was at the peak of my views was down to the cost of a Premium hosted site – in the UK it is marketed out as costing Β£7 per month which is super affordable but this is actually billed out yearly meaning that in total it is Β£84 which I didn’t have to hand, it is annoying and I think that paying monthly is something WordPress should allow because I think a lot more writers would take up Premium plans if this was an option. I was extremely lucky to receive the Β£84 as a loan that I can pay off in easier chunks and then start saving for my renewal. I do not begrudge how much it is, you have access to the paid themes for free as part of your premium plan, you can introduce WordAds as a way to monetise your site without any hassle and you get 24 hour support chat with the team. A paid theme averages around Β£68+ so paying for premium is definitely worth it and if you can make enough through WordAds then you can make that money back so you haven’t lost anything.

I am still working out my new plan for the blog but I have a lot of exciting things to update you all with and post about so stay tuned for those, I’m also think about doing the 12 days of Christmas again this year too so watch this space!

Let me know in the comments below β¬‡οΈ if you have any experience of being self hosted or if you are thinking about this for your blog.

Love and (high)light✌

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Instagram: @macquillagewithleilani

Snapchat and Twitter: MissLCAK


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4 thoughts on “MacquillageWithLeilani is now self hosted! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

    1. Hmm I don’t know the difference tbh I think I’m happy with the one I’m on at the moment though, thank you for the advice 😊 it just brings a fresh new life in to it I feel and also seeing your own domain is amazing! Xx

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