I got my wisdom teeth pulled!

I finally got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday after several years of pain in the winter, whenever I laid down to go to bed (because they couldn’t hurt at any other time) and forever rooting around to pick out food debris – I know very ladylike!

So this was in the pipeline for ages, I saw my dentist in May and they put my referral in to my local hospitalย  which is also my employer. In September I got an appointment for my assessment which came the day before my holiday, then a month after that I got my extraction date for the 16th November which could not come soon enough.

I opted for a GA because I am the worst patient ever, the last time I went to the dentist I shook in the chair the entire time even though I could not feel pain it is just being at the dentist that I don’t like.

So I arrived at the Day Surgery unit and I didn’t have to wait too long, 3 hours but that is because I kept going from the waiting room back and forth to meet my nurse, Oral and Maxfax Consultant and then the Anaesthetist, also delays are to be expected because of emergency cases, the only reason why my waiting became unbearable because I had to fast for the procedure and anyone who knows me knows that my favourite thing to do is to eat all the time.

I was gowned and prepped up including a pair of attractive paper panties which were honestly the most comfortable thing I have ever worn. Before I knew it, it was time to go to the Anaesthetics room to go under, the team were lovely and talked about my blog the last thing I could remember from the conversation was talking about the Ordinary Foundation and how the waiting list for it was so long, then I could feel this shooting of pure ice going through my hand and rest of my arm then that’s the last thing I can remember, during my time under the anaesthetic I felt like I was thinking but none of it I can recall, it was very strange. Coming around from it I was awoken by a familiar face who was actually me friend who works as a theatres nurse, at this point I started crying because I was seeing my friend and also I was so relieved to be waking up (this was my biggest fear that had me sobbing in to my boyfriends arms on the Saturday night prior to this). After I had calmed down I went to touch my mouth, panic came back again as I couldn’t feel my mouth and I started to ask where it was, turns out it was underneath my oxygen mask so that was slightly embarrassing, I also kept drooling and felt very self-conscious but it was okay as I was in great hands.

I got moved to recovery where my heart rate and BP was continuously monitored and then once everyone was happy with how I was getting on I got moved to the step down from recovery and this is where I could finally eat! I had two pots of jelly and two pots of yoghurt with some water. I woke up from my anaesthetic feeling better than when I went down because I was on IV fluids which brought me back to feeling normal as I was really hungry and thirsty pre-op.

I got in for 12:45pm and left around 8:00pm sent home with antibiotics and instructions on what to do and to expect in the next few weeks, I could not find a single fault with the care that I received and I am not being bias because I work there and knew almost everyone there – I truly was in the best hands. I’m kind of gutted that I forgot to ask if they would save my extracted teeth as I really wanted to see them before they went off for clinical waste but ho hum it wasn’t a priority question on my list of questions.

So now I am 24 hours post op and there is soreness, I still taste a little bit of blood when I swallow and the most interesting thing that I have eaten is a mashed up swiss roll, but I have a week off to rest and home to maximize recovery and I am so glad that I opted to GA.

Have you had your wisdom teeth out? If so please let me know in the comments below and what you could eat because baby food and soup is getting boring now and I want a Pepes more than anything else in the world!

Love and (high)lightโœŒ

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4 thoughts on “I got my wisdom teeth pulled!

  1. I got them out a year ago and I chose GA as well, first thing I said when I woke up: I need to pee ๐Ÿ˜‚
    It all went really good but I looked like a hamster for a whole week! xx

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    1. Oh how funny, yeh that’s really good actually as they’re keen for you to pee shortly afterwards to make sure you’re not in retention ๐Ÿ˜‚ I was shivering so badly afterwards, luckily my swelling wasn’t too bad but the pain made up for it! Xxx

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  2. I need to go get my wisdom tooth out but i’m just so scared to! It’s not causing a lot of problems for me right now but it did get infected previously and is not the most comfortable thing! Ugh, i just need to go and get it over with haha! It was nice reading about your experience though and how smoothly everything went! xx

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    1. That’s the thing my ones on the bottom of my jaw weren’t causing pain, they were just impacted but in time they would cause pain and infection. My top set were impacted and decayed so a lot of pain for about 2 years, definitely it’s a lot better than I expected but it is a little painful! Good luck with yours I’m glad my post could reassure you ๐Ÿ˜Š xx

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