Jamberry Nail Wrap review

Last month I received a sample pack of Jamberry from Laila, I had fallen in love with the first impression of the way Laila presented the mini kit. She thoughtfully included everything I would need to apply my wraps successfully, from the presentation I could see how much Laila cared about the brand and the amount of thought she has put in to this. 

Jamberry is a family owned company started up by three sisters back in 2011. I’ve heard of nail wraps but I’ve never applied them because they look fiddly, I was apprehensive about sizes and the finish of the end result so it was something I had overlooked. Last year Jamberry was launched in the UK and since then I have been interested in their products but I wasn’t able to find a consultant to feed my curiosity.

The application was pretty straight forward, I don’t own a mini heater so I used a hairdryer which worked just as well. As my nails are long, I cut my wrap in half so that it was easier to work with and also to make sure they weren’t too short for my nails, I followed the few simple steps to apply and seal the wraps to my nails, the result was quite impressive..

Initial application of Jamberry to my pinkies

I’m not sure if my nails are a funny shape, too long or if it is a practice makes perfect kind of thing but there were little triangles down the sides of my nails where the wrap wasn’t completely smooth (there were zero bubbles!) but it was my first time applying so I do not think this is a wrap fault because I’ve seen other Jamberry users and their nails are smooth. The wraps felt like they were stuck on until the end of time at this point.

One week later

Initially I was very skeptical that these would stay on longer than 3 days, purely due to poor experiences with nail foils, tapes and other sticky appliqué especially as my hands spend a lot of time in water, but 7 days later they were still going strong!

Day 10

Time came for a polish change and it was going really well, I had managed 10 days out of my Jamberry until my left pinky came unstuck (literally) due to a rogue key in my handbag getting in to one of the triangles I was talking about earlier and partially lifting my nail wrap 😭 I was tempted to glue it back down with nail glue but I realised that would have defeated the purpose of this review on their longevity.

Upon removal which was super easy, there was no damage to my natural nail nor were there any green patches where water got in (a common thing for poorly applied false nails). I would go as far to say that my nails looked better after the Jamberry was removed than before I applied it!

Only a slight gummy glue residue left behind which came off easily

I’m looking forward to using the rest of my samples to incorporate with nail art designs and also keeping an eye out for the latest releases on Laila’s shop! I have really enjoyed using Jamberry and I’m so happy to have built a positive relationship with Laila who checked in regularly to make sure I was still happy with my wraps.

You can shop Jamberry and view the latest deals from Laila’s shop https://lailasamson.jamberry.com/uk/en/.

I received this sample pack free of charge direct from Laila, I have received no payment in return for this review and all opinions are my own. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried nail wraps before ⬇️

Love and (high)light✌

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