Yesterday (15.07) we went to the Langley Park Dog show, it was the second time for me as I had previously gone in 2013 whilst I was volunteering for the British Heart Foundation and held a sales stand there, it was a really great experience then even though I didn’t watch many of the rings, but the weather and atmosphere was great. This time around I was really looking forward to seeing the rings being judged and going around the stalls at my own pace. It was my boyfriends first time attending a dog show, so he wasn’t really sure what to expect – he originally thought we were going to watch dog agility instead of sitting ringside, watching dogs walk up and down then clap when the winners are chosen πŸ˜…

There were several stands for charity present, including the RSPCA which had a tombola where everyone wins something, I won a stuffed rabbit. But there were two charities that I had never heard of there which were really lovely to engage with.

The first stall we chatted with were representing Many Tears Rescue, a charity based in South Wales but has dogs awaiting foster homes in several sites across the UK. The stall holder had these really sweet wooly jumpers laid out which she explained are the craftsmanship of a group of Welsh ladies who make these jumpers for foster dogs taken in from poor conditions (puppy farms etc), because the majority of dogs are in a terrible state when rescued they need to have their hair shaved off which can leave them feeling the cold which is where these jumpers come in handy. The lady we spoke to had 4 rescue dogs of her own, two of them were missing a back leg because if something happens to them during their time in a puppy farm it isn’t treated so by the time they are rescued and start receiving some much deserved attention the injury is usually too far gone from a setting with some plaster, infection can set in which compromises the bone or the injury has set in the wrong position. 

The second charity we had the chance to speak to were The Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare which were amazing, they had several greyhounds with them and we got to meet them. I always had this perception of greyhounds being aggressive and quick, purely because when you see racetrack footage the dogs are pumped for the run and usually muzzled but these dogs were so docile it was unbelievable, the dogs gracefully got up to greet us with none of the exuberance you would normally expect they just appreciated our presence. They also rarely bark which was interesting to know as I’ve heard Afghan Hounds rarely bark too.

The centre is in Hersham open roughly 365 days a week because the dogs always need to be tended to, they encourage people to come along and walk the dogs which I think is a great idea because it allows you to become familiar with the breed before you commit to housing one. 

The centre runners have been to Wimbledon for the past few weeks too to promote their cause with special jackets for the dogs. We learnt something too, the greyhounds that are raced have a tattoo on the inside of their ear – 1 in each ear if they are from Irish stock and 1 in a solitary ear if they are from the UK, there is a database where you can input the numbers from the dogs ears in to and it is like a family tree site so you can see the dogs heritage for more information you can visit the site here

One of the handlers entering her dog in to the Pedigree Veteran category joined her in between waiting and struck up conversation with us, her dog is 15 years old and was rescued 2 days before she was put down as she was on death row as a puppy because no one wanted to adopt her as she isn’t keen on other dogs due to awful experiences in her early days of life. Dancer is such a lovely dog and we both fell in love with her, so we rooted her on for the category which she came in 4th place! She had no teeth left because her favourite pastime is to play with stones πŸ˜…

We had a really good day despite the great British weather letting us down and we can’t wait for next year already 😊 let me know in the comments below if you like dogs or if you have any pets ⬇️

Love and (high)light✌

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