100 POSTS 🎉

Surprise 😊 today is another double post day for a very special reason – this is my 100th post on MacquillageWithLeilani! I honestly didn’t think it would come up so quickly but because I have been doing the July Beauty Challenge it became even closer to me. 

So in light of that I didn’t really know what to do for this post as in the grand scheme of blogging, I’m still a baby. There is so much I am yet to learn, experience and share hopefully with you all that this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve been so lucky and blessed to see an upwards trend in my readership and following because without my readers I wouldn’t have had that motivation to post in all honestly, it’s corny to say all the time but I rely heavily on my readers. 

Since creating my blog, it has been the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve had a slow growth and at times that has been hard on me, seeing others share that they grew by 5000 views in their first couple of months when I’ve only just broken that barrier at 18 months is hard, knowing what content you need to create in order to keep up and stay relevant without all the equipment they have is hard too but I’m supported by loyal supportive bloggers, we build each other up and give praise where it is due. For me this is the biggest reason (aside from my boyfriend never allowing me to give up) why I keep going because who knows I might be the tortoise from the fable. If that’s something I’ve learnt, it’s that comparing your blog to others more “successful” than yours will only bring misery and stifle your creativity because you’ll be too busy thinking about your competitors with what they are doing and how you can imitate it, just do you and grow at your own pace. 

In the beginning I wasn’t the greatest at content creation, but I had a dream and I was sitting on it. As time passed I found it easier to create a post schedule, stick to it and write more comfortably – I was such an awkward writer when I first started and it would take me forever to draft up a post, I would re read it numerous times as though the words would suddenly leap out their sentences and I would have to make some edits. But over time I got better at it, I feel better in my writing too and less forced in to writing like someone I’m not. I have even opened myself up for freelance writing just to gain more experience in content creation. 

Thank you all so so much for reading my blog whether you are a new or longstanding reader, you mean the world to me and my dream. Comment below what your blogging highlight has been ⬇️

Love and (high)light✌

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8 thoughts on “100 POSTS 🎉

  1. Congratulations, 100 posts is impressive!! I’ve obviously only just recently started my blog but I’m loving it already! ❤️


    1. It took me forever to get the hang of it and in all honesty I’m still not that hot on it! The best thing I’ve done is schedule my posts for the future so I don’t have to think too much about the next post. Thank you 😊 I’m looking forward to seeing your updates!

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      1. Oh, same!!! Writing post in advance and scheduling them has really been the best thing for me to stay consistent with posting also! I’ve started a few drafts and have began to plan out future blog posts for the month. Didn’t realize blogging and really running a website could be so crazy! Lol

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