July Beauty Challenge: Day 3 Nighttime Essentials

Day 3 is upon us already and I am loving this challenge as I have done future Leilani a favour by drafting up 7 posts in one day and scheduled their release for the coming days 👏 it’s something I should have been doing heavily anyway and I was but I wasn’t a week ahead of myself so this challenge is definitely giving me a kick up the bum. 

Today’s theme is Nighttime Essentials, I’ve cut out my routine items from this post because that’s just boring because everyone will be (or at least they should be) brushing their teeth and removing their makeup before bed, so I’m going to talk about my literally before I get in to bed routine. 

  1. I like to apply castor oil to my eyelashes and eyebrows before bed, I decanted some of my castor oil in to an empty clear mascara tube so that I can distribute it properly. I’ve noticed a massive difference in the brow/lash strength and thickness since introducing this to my routine back on early 2017.
  2. I use the Aroma Actives Recovery eye serum as my under eye skin can get really dry and irritated, this one I’m currently using is anti aging so it is very nourishing and a little bit goes a long way.
  3. Usually the Aroma Actives Lift and Firm Night Cream is my every night moisturiser, I really like the smell of this and it’s not too heavy. 
  4. I always apply lip balm as soon as I get in to bed as my lips get really dry during the night, every morning when I yawned I would spilt the inside of my upper lip and it would be so painful 😭 I’ve had this Mandara Spa lip balm for a while now but I really like it. 
  5. The Estée Lauder Advanced night repair I love, I make sure to use it before my moisturiser if I have exfoliated that day or been out in the sun as you can really see a difference in your skin the next day. 

    What’s part of your nighttime essentials? Let me know in the comments below ⬇️

    Love and (high)light✌

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