July Beauty Challenge: Day 1 Can’t live without – Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette

Surprise Saturday Cheeleaders! I will be posting everyday of July to participate in the July Beauty Challenge.. 

I have always wanted to take part in one of these challenges but I either haven’t had the time, it’s conflicted with other planned posts or there are some days where the content for me just wouldn’t be realistic to recreate easily. I also really want to post every day this month as I received a great response from my 12 days of Christmas series and wanted to pick up that momentum again. 

Here is the challenge if you would like to take part in it too!

So my ‘can’t live without’ is the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics all matte eyeshadow palette. I got this for my 21st birthday (thank you again to my fab colleagues) and I have been using it practically every day since I got it. I’m going to review this properly in the coming months as it does deserve its own post with swatches etc but here is my brief overview. 

I really like the shade transitions, they are all really easy to blend and because they are matte there is practically no fallout when you apply the shadow or try blending it out. I tend to stick to the brown colours in the palette and use the shade Lethal on my upper eyelid blended in to my lash line for a gentle smokey look which is less harsh compared to a solid eyeliner look. It is very versatile, enabling you to use the pallette for either daytime or nighttime looks. 

The palette is very well made, it is robust and quite small in the sense that it is a square unlike all the other naked pallettes which are a rectangular shape with sometimes poor closure. I like the fact that I can confidently travel with this palette knowing there will not be any pan casualties in transit! 

What is your ‘can’t live without’ product? Let me know in the comments below ⬇️

Love and (high)light✌

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22 thoughts on “July Beauty Challenge: Day 1 Can’t live without – Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette

  1. I wanted to get this palette but because i dont have any of naked palettes the sales attendant said that i better off getting the naked palette instead of this. She said that she personally find it hard to blend sometimes unlike the naked palettes so i ended up getting the naked palette instead 😊

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    1. Oh really, that’s interesting I’ve never had a problem with blending. Although some of the Naked palettes are easier to blend than others (Naked3 is a nightmare for fallout). I love my original Naked palette especially the shade half baked 😊


  2. My “cant live without product” ??…that would be the ABH brow duo powder and their tinted brow gel…because my eyebrows are so sparse i have some gaps and they are really ugly- that from keep plucking it!…u know when the trend was thin brows? ..that’s because of that trend. Hehe 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I need some ABH in my life 😍 my eyebrows used to be little sprouts on my face until I started applying castor oil ever night. It took a while to see results but now I don’t feel embarrassed if I head out ‘without’ my eyebrows on 😊 xx


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