I had Tonsillitis 🤧 [warning gross photos attached] 

Happy Sunday Cheeleaders! If you hadn’t noticed I’ve been extremely quiet on social media for the past 2 weeks that’s because I was really poorly with tonsillitis. 

So today’s post is just all about what happened and my recovery. I’m going to include some photos as part of the timeline so if you don’t want to see them, feel free to read another one of my posts as I don’t blame you for wanting to dodge them just know that I am well again hopefully for a long time and there will be more posts for the month of June that I can’t wait for you all to read. For anyone who continues reading this thank you! 

The week before I started to see obvious symptoms (i.e my swollen tonsils) I started to experience this really awful sleeping routine. I was going to bed at my normal time, dozing off and then waking up roughly 2 hours after initially falling asleep and then not being able to fall back to sleep so I had about 11 hours sleep in that entire week. That Friday I was exhausted, but I managed to meet up with my friend in Windsor who had just come back from her holiday, we caught up but I was starting to seriously flag with regards to my energy levels. The next morning I started to get an itch in my left tonsil and a tickle in the back of my nose so I started to use Vicks First Defence Nasal Spray which I felt like it was helping. By the bank holiday Monday I started to develop a sore throat, which wasn’t too bad I’ve had worse so I wasn’t too concerned still. Tuesday I went back to work and started to get a bit of a fever but still I thought nothing of it because I didn’t feel full of cold or flu but that night it started to hit me, I struggled to walk and stand for the aching I was experiencing but I thought an early night would cure me. 

Wednesday 31st May I felt awful but it was a weird awful, again not like I was full of cold or flu so I personally couldn’t justify not going in to work. This worked to my advantage because later in the afternoon I went to the bathroom to check my tonsil as I could feel an obstruction behind my nose and there it was, my left tonsil was swollen and started to get a bit of a white coating. The reason why this worked to my advantage is because my manager has a medical background so she checked and confirmed I had Tonsillitis, she encouraged me to see my Doctor asap or head on down to my local walk in centre. I’m convinced if I didn’t have that affirmation I would have convinced myself I had the big C courtesy of Google MD and done nothing out of fear. 

So after work I went to the walk in centre and they were great, I was in and out with a prescription for a 10 day course of penicillin within an hour and I couldn’t fault their service. I know some areas in England are losing their walk in services so if you’re affected by this do everything you can to save it – protest, petition and use your voice! They’re a great alternative if your local GP can’t see you. 

Thursday came and I went to work because I still didn’t feel unwell enough to warrant calling in sick. Regular readers of my blog will know I became really unwell in March and missed a week of work which was my first ever week in 4 years of working full time so it takes a lot for me to go sick. I still had my fever and I was feeling quite tired but nothing major, Friday was more of the same to be honest but the scary part was having a random nose bleed first thing in the morning which apparently is completely normal if you have tonsillitis again thanks to my colleagues for the reassurance because Google MD would have given me a brain tumour or something equally as ghastly and untrue. 

Between Wednesday – Sunday I didn’t eat, I attempted to eat because I still had my appetite but it was extremely painful and for every one swallow I did to get food down I had to swallow a couple more times to get my food properly down as my tonsils were so big they were obstructing breathing through my nose and my glands were up so much it felt like I had golf balls in my throat. The highlight came when I almost choked on a pumpkin seed 😵 I had to keep my fluids up, I tried my best with ribena and ice cream as these were the only tolerable things I could swallow with the least pain. 

Sunday was like a miracle had come overnight, for the first time there was minimal white stuff on my tonsils and they were half the size they had been – I could breathe again from both nostrils! 

As you can see from the photo above my stages, so the top left was Wednesday the day I went to the walk in centre, top right is basically Thursday/Friday/Saturday, bottom left was Sunday and bottom right is the present as if nothing had ever happened. 

It frustrated me so much to fall unwell again, so soon after March had happened. I became behind in my course work, my blog and a few other things which really bothered me because up until then I was keeping on top of everything and there was nothing I could do. I had my last dose of antibiotics yesterday which couldn’t come soon enough, although I am recovered now I am still quite fatigued but I’m hoping that will get better in time. Fingers crossed I don’t fall unwell again any time soon! 

How have you all been? Let me know in the comments below if you’ve had tonsillitis and what you were eating ⬇️

Love and (high)light✌

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