Favourite blogger of the month: Gabriela Maria

Happy Wednesday my lovely readers – yes I know it’s Thursday, I’m doing a Jenner Marbles after a trip to the dentist yesterday knocked me out for 10.

My favourite blogger this month isn’t a conventional hosted blog blogger, she’s a social media blogger and I just wanted to share with you how she gets her content out without the added blog platform. If I wasn’t so fond of writing and more of a visual person then I would be doing the same her Gabriela. 

Blog name: Gabriela Maria

Blog address: see below for what Gabriela said about her pages for the links. 

Blog genre: Beauty, Lifestyle, Personal.

My favourite post: I just ❤️ her swatches on Instagram they are so crisp, it’s more than just a swipe of product she really takes her time. 

How Gabriela described her blog: “Makeup, fashion and lifestyle for me are things were I can  just relax. I noticed that just by how we live is an art in itself. I show others what I like but also give reviews on some products when I post then on my Instagram. 

I am a Chemical/ Nuclear Engineering student but also work and I have Chronic Illnesses so for me, this is what relaxes me even when I am in excruciating pain. I started beauty blogging because I realized that maybe there were others like me. I have my Instagram and I have my Facebook page where I notify others of new things being put up on the IG blogging account. Via snapchat  I upload when I get a package and sometimes show a preview of what I got and just talk to people! My snapchat (gabriela_maria00) the featured image is the cover photo from my Facebook page because it simply states what my blogging is all about “beauty, fashion and lifestyle” this goes from skincare to health to fashion, pretty much a wide spectrum of each topic so that people can feel identified and become interested. I personally see my Instagram as a big family, when someone follows, they instantly become special because I feel like we have a type of connection because of interests that we may have in common. I got into makeup about a year ago and I absolutely love it. I do not think that we NEED to go out in makeup but that it is a fun way to express ourselves.”

Definitely check out this lovely lady, she is so kind and genuine. I love her Instagram posts and wish her all the success in the world with her social media blogging 😊

Love and (high)light✌

Facebook: Macquillage with Leilani

Instagram: @macquillagewithleilani

Snapchat and Twitter: MissLCAK


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