April Reflection

April was an alright month you know, here are some of the positives… 

My upgrade arrived, I went for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I could have waited another month and gone for the newly released S8 but the specs were very similar and the major differences were the phone bodies. Compared to my old phone, the s7 was a huge upgrade anyway. I’m thinking about sharing a review/how to get the most out of your phone if you’re a blogger with you all, so keep an eye for that soon. 

I spent my Easter weekend away, this was a first for me as it was always a family thing but this year I spent it with my boyfriend. It coincided with our 7 month anniversary together and 1 year to the date since we met. We had a really nice couple of days that were extended by his brother and sister inviting us to their Easter meal in London which was really nice to see them again so soon after meeting them for the first time a couple of weeks prior. 

My course started, back in March I enrolled on to a Step in to Health course provided by Loughborough College. My completion is due in July and it teaches you valuable life skills centered around health, fitness and wellbeing. 

I booked my first holiday in 11 years, I’m going on my first holiday away from family in September with my boyfriend and we are so excited! We are heading to Hastings, so UK bloggers let me know if you have any recommendations 😊

I became a brand ambassador for Poppy Apparel, they have really cute on trend fashion and accessories. Use code LEILANI2017 for 10% off your order and FREE worldwide shipping 🌎

Unfortunately as good as April was, there was a deal of sadness for me at the beginning but you have to have the bad to appreciate the good. From this I’ve decided what I want my first tattoo to be, I’m going to get the paw print of my first dog inked on the inside of my ankle so look out for that on the coming months πŸΎπŸ’‰

Let me know in the comments below how April was for you ⬇️

Love and (high)light✌

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8 thoughts on “April Reflection

  1. For me,
    April was chaotic and also marked the official beginnings of a blogger collaboration friendship for a website I contribute too. So even though it was chaos it was worth it! It was also a time when I had a week in wales which was much needed!

    Can’t wait to see the tribute tattoo πŸ€—


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