Favourite blogger of the month: Zaralou

Happy Wednesday my lovely readers! I hope you all had an amazing Easter and the week is treating you well. 

My favourite blogger this month is amazing.. Actually no that’s an understatement – she’s amazeballs! Without further ado let me introduce her 😊

Blog name: ZaraLou

Blog addresshttps:// zaralouu.wordpress.com

Blog genre: Beauty, Lifestyle, Body confidence, Personal.

My favourite postSlummy Mummy on a shoestring review – MUA/Makeup Academy ‘Undress your skin’ shimmer highlighter

How Zara described her blog:  In regards to about me? I’ll try break it down or write it… I’ll just go with the flow (can you tell I’m a little blazé? Teehee)

My blog is basically for the cheaper side and indie cosmetics. I want to hunt budget buys that work for the everyday ‘us’. Especially as when I had started my blog I had quit my job to become a FT mom (due to childcare costs) and simply didn’t have that extra cash to splash out on the more pricier options. I always wanted to try prove that splashing out doesn’t always mean it’s the best. Us wallet watchers can have some cake and eat it too 😉 – I like cake…

I made my blog after suffering some months with mild PND. As I said earlier I had quit a job I had worked for a decade, built a somewhat rapport with the community and all of a sudden it was gone. I had a toddler and a newborn and I felt trapped ‘I’m not earning I’m no good for this family’. But beginning to Blog kinda gave me purpose, some direction. Then I applied myself more and more into it, it’s now what it is today. That’s not to say it’s the best thing ever – and hell its far from amazing but I’m proud with how far I’ve come in a year and I’m proud to say I got myself over PND because of all of this. I just needed to apply myself to being me!!! As for standard deets – my name is Zara and I’m a 31 year old make up lover.”

I actually didn’t stumble upon Zara, shes very generous with her instagram likes so I noticed one day that she had bulk liked a set of my photos. Intrigued I took a look at her profile and instantly liked what I saw, Zara unapologetically does Zara which is why I like seeing and reading her posts. She’s all woman who has experienced the ups, downs and everything else in between life likes to throw at us and has just embraced it. I also have serious hair envy over her current colouring 🙊

Let me know in the comments below which bloggers you’ve got subscription notifications for ⬇

Love and (high)light✌

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2 thoughts on “Favourite blogger of the month: Zaralou

  1. Thank you so so much – this is wonderful and the same goes for your blog and profile, it’s amazingly done and I wish you every ounce of success for the future going forward!

    Major loves and kisses!


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