St Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub review 

Happy Sunday everyone and a special happy Mother’s day to any of my readers who are mummies!

I really wanted to share with you today a new facial scrub that I have been using for roughly a month now, although this is not from a cruelty free brand it does not use microbeads which as you all probably know by now how bad they are for the environment. I was originally using Johnsons Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub which I bought before I started to become aware of the testing processes that animals are put through and the environmental impact that some of these ingredients and additions to the formula have.

What the product claims

“St Ives Blemish Fighting Facial Scrub. UK’s No.1 scrub brand. Only St Ives captures the secrets of naturally beautiful and healthy looking skin in this deep cleansing formula with gently exfoliates, removing oil, dirt and dull skin cells that can lead to blackheads and blemishes.

For Oily/Blemish Prone Skin

  • Effectively lifts away surface oils and dirt that can lead to blackheads and blemishes 
  • Contains more than 85% naturally derived ingredients, including Swiss glacial water and Swiss Botanicals.
  • All Saints formulas at dermatologist tested in Switzerland.
  • Helps prevent blackheads and unclog pores.
  • Promotes healthier-looking skin in 7 days.”

First of all I would not use this scrub daily, it is very effective and I feel that daily use would cause more problems that help against blackheads. It is a mixture of coarse and fine naturally sourced scrubbing agents such as nut shells, all of which are biodegradable. 

The product smells nice, although I’m not sure if it smells like apricot as I actually can’t eat them. But it smells pleasant and not overpowering. On the first application I could really notice a difference in my skin and over the following weeks I noticed that it was a lot clearer and that my makeup goes on a lot smoother as my foundation clings to any dry patches and breaks down on oily ones – yay for having combination skin! The natural scrubbing agents are far more effective than microbeads without a shadow of a doubt as they are irregular shapes and I feel like you can get a really good deep clean with them.

Over all I really like this scrub, it is just such a shame that it is not cruelty free so the search is still on for a natural based scrub that is cruelty free, if you know of any please let me know in the comments below⬇

Love and (high)light✌

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3 thoughts on “St Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub review 

  1. I definitely love facial scrubs; they make my skin a lot smoother, which of course, means my makeup looks more flawless. Since I love apricot, I might give this lovely one a go! xx Great post! x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I really hope you enjoy using this scrub as much as I do, another way to get super smooth makeup application is shaving your face before hand, a little extreme but a huge trend in K Beauty xx


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