February reflection

Happy Sunday evening lovely readers, I feel like February was a blink and you miss it kind of month but nonetheless I’m going to give it a reflection post.

February was a far more sedentary month in comparison to the month prior, but it had a few highlights in particular Valentines Day, I have a tradition in which I spend the actual day with my best friend #galentines and this year I was blessed enough to celebrate with my boyfriend too, on the 14th me and my friend went for fish and chips at her house, then the following day my boyfriend and I visited the Panjabi Touch which is a lovely intimate restaurant situated in Langley. It was a really pleasant evening and marked the end of our celebration period because his birthday, my birthday, Christmas, new years, Chinese new year (more so my celebration) and then Valentines is all within that 3 month period so it’s nice to be chilling for now.

Dünyamın çiçekleri – “my world’s flowers”

There really wasn’t much to say about February though, it’s one of those months were it feels like January was a bit of a warm up and February you start figuring out what you really want from the year ahead. I know personally, I’ve had a lot to think about this month, mainly involving the blog and moving forward. I have decided that I want to expand my posts per week in the summer and also start about side project where I can use this blog as a medium to sell my idea but I will be revealing all in the coming months 🙊
The main highlight from February is I started to knuckle down in my self development which meant me kick starting self study of the Turkish language. It’s been almost a month now since I picked it up and apparently I’m safe enough to be trusted in basic conversation, I have been using an app called Memrise and alongside the app I had the fantastic surprise of a self study book arrive at my door which my boyfriend had arranged without even telling me! I can’t wait to post properly about this soon though and really go in depth on how I’m studying the language.

What has been your highlight of the year so far? let me know in the comments below ⬇

Love and (high)light✌

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