Seventeen Emphasise eyeshadow palette review

Evening lovelies

February is just flying with only 9 more days until Pancake Day 😊

Today I’m going to be reviewing the Seventeen Emphasise eyeshadow palette, my cousin gave this to me for Christmas and I was really excited to try it out as I had been eyeing (see what I did there?) up their palettes for a while. I really like compact palettes because they’re easy to transport and I find the packaging is usually a little more robust.

Talking about the packaging, it is a lovely sleek black hard casing which has a secure snap closure and a minimalist logo on the front. It is a finger print magnet but that’s a the nature of having a solid colour casing. 

My only slight criticism is that nowhere does it have shade colours, practically this isn’t a real problem but it’s not ideal when you’re trying to convey the colours you used in a tutorial.

Enclosed are 8 circular full size pans of colour which are purple, grey and blue tones.

Top row

The first thing I noticed is the colour in the pan isn’t how it looks on the skin, I really like the first and third shade from this row.

Bottom row

These are the dark shades with the best payoff and stayed more or less true to the pan.

Overall I liked the colours, you do need to build some of them up but they do wear well on the eyes. I would definitely recommend this palette if you want to get in to darker colours or if you want a travel palette. 

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this palette or other ones by Seventeen ⬇

Love and (high)light✌

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