72 hour birthday celebrations

Surprise birthday cake number 2

I had one of the best birthdays ever this year hands down, it semi started on Thursday at work and ended Sunday night hence the title.


This was my last day at work for a week, my surprise started with balloons with ’21’ all over my desk as I got in. As the day progressed, my colleagues gathered in the main office to sing me happy birthday and present me with my presents and card from the team. This team is the biggest one I’ve worked in and it was such an amazing feeling having everyone gather around me.

That day and night felt like Christmas Eve, the only other person who shared the same excitement was probably Donald Trump (as he got inaugurated on my birthday)… I haven’t felt that way over my birthday in years.


I spent my actual birthday with my boyfriend who laid on the best surprises for me, the first surprise was the movies. I originally thought we were going to see Live by night as it’s the sort of thing we would be watch, but the night before he asked me if I would be ok with a different film which I was fine with as we have very similar taste in music and film thankfully. On the way to the cinema he told me he hoped that my concentration would last the duration of the film and I said it should do, questioning the length of the film, after a couple of guesses I figured out it was a bollywood movie. I WAS SO FREAKING EXCITED!! Anyone close to me would know I love a good bollywood movie but only ever watched them at home, we watched Dangal. It was amazing, so emotional and the pride you feel at the end for the family was unreal 

Then after a quick patch up on my makeup, we jumped in the car for a mystery destination (for me). I figured out from the direction that we were headed for Windsor and I was right. We had a nice romantic walk along the riverside before we headed off to the restaurant (surprise, I didn’t have a clue where we were headed).

The table was booked for Meimo, again another great choice because I love Mediterranean food and being Moroccan cuisine it was right up my street. The restaurant was faultless, the service and food was 10/10 and I would definitely visit again, surprise number 3 came with dessert, my boyfriend arranged a rendition of happy birthday and a candle in my cake to mark the celebration, I was in shock after that. I couldn’t believe how much of an effort this man had put in for me (this was also before I opened my birthday present).

Shortly after, the waiter brought us some complementary on the house mint tea as part of the celebrations. It was hands down one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to, definitely check it out if you’re in Windsor. We rounded off the evening with me finally opening my present and then heading home to spend some family time and also opening my presents from them.

A beautiful bunch of Tulips from my mums friend

This was birthday number 2 or as the new tradition my best friend has set up: 21 on 21st, she spent my 20th on the 20th, next year will be 22 on 22nd etc until I’m 31.

This days account is a little shorter as I’ve already covered the main activity of the day which was my tragus piercing experience and that kick started the day off. The plan for the day was no real plan, we shopped a little and chatted then we stopped off in my favourite restaurant in Uxbridge – Uxbridge Mangal which is Turkish cuisine.

Chicken beyti sarma 😍

We went back to my friends house and I said I was going to the bathroom to clean my new piercing as Uxbridge has dirty air that I didn’t really want in my new open wound. So my friend said that was ok as she was making hot chocolate anyway, after about 3 minutes of being in the bathroom she shouted from the kitchen (she lives in a bungalow) asking how long I would be in the bathroom and I said I would be out in a minute. So I got rid of the cottons I used, washed my hands again and started making my way back to the kitchen only to greet my friend halfway that was hurriedly trying to get me back in the bathroom saying I had to stay in there for a little longer…. she came back to get me in darkness, saying there had been a powercut when really there was this:

I couldn’t believe she had got me a surprise cake, another rendition of happy birthday later and we were tucking in to this very yummy Victoria sponge.

Overall I had such a good birthday, and it was all down to being surrounded by amazing people. I can’t wait for their birthdays to hopefully return the love tenfold. Comment below with your best birthday memories or what you have planned if yours is coming up soon ⬇

Love and (high)light✌

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