My tragus piercing experience

I did it, I finally plucked up the courage to get a tragus piercing. I’ve wanted it done since I was 15 but wasn’t brave enough as all I had had pierced previously were 2 sets in my lobes. Back in the summer roughly June time my best friend and I were walking around New Look and I was mooning over the pretty labrets for the tragus, it was there that it was agreed the piercing would be my 21st birthday present from my friend which gave me enough time to chicken out/look forward to it.

I chose the place Ancient Art in Hillingdon as its been around for such a long time, with great reviews and being a family owned business.

So the day came and we tootled off to Hillingdon both very nervous, parking was very easy and we parked just outside the place for free. As it was a piercing I just walked in no problem, completed a short questionnaire for my safety (the usual are you prone to fainting, do you have blood disorders etc), listened to the aftercare instructions and then took a seat… I got called in for my piercing.

The area I got pierced in was very clean and beautifully decorated with Ed Sheerans new song playing in the background which put me at ease and the lady who pierced me, Tammy was so good. She chatted with me about my blog and made me forget about the big scary (slight exaggeration) needle that was in my ear 3 minutes prior.

The piercing itself was ridiculously quick, it was literally sit in the chair get the placement dot, clamped, needle pushed through the front, labret bar stuck through the end of the hollow needle, pulled through the newly made hole and ball screwed into place. It was as quick as you’ve just read that. If you don’t believe that there is video proof of this speed…

As you can probably hear and see on my face, I look terrified! I was so nervous I was actually shaking but it wasn’t as painful as it looked. The only major pain was the initial needle going in to the skin, which really was only a little more painful that a blood test. Speaking of blood, it didn’t bleed once. Later on in the day it was a tiny bit sore in the cold but nothing excessive, it’s sore when I clean it but that’s to be expected and as it’s on my left it’s less prone to being slept on and I take phone calls on my right.

I have to go back to Ancient Art in 2 weeks time to get my labret changed as it’s quite long and also they can check out how it’s healing but overall I had a really good experience and would definitely go back for another piercing and recommend to my friends. I am so happy with my piercing, it’s definitely as good as I expected.

My next post will be all about my 2 day birthday and then after that I’m getting right back in to the makeup!

Do you have any piercing goals, how many do you already have? Let me know in the comments below ⬇

Love and (high)light✌

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