Urban Decay XX Vice Reloaded palette review + swatches

For as long as I’ve been using Urban Decay, I’ve hoped for a 20th anniversary palette. Back in January last year I heard that this beautiful XX Vice Reloaded was being released, I was originally thinking I would get this for my birthday but not being a British brand caused a delay and I ended up buying this in October and waited until Christmas Day before I could use it. The reason why this palette was so important for me is that Urban Decay is not just my favourite brand, but it’s my birthday brand launched the same year and month as I was born so it has a very special place in my heart.

Let’s start off with the packaging, there are 20 shades from past and present are encased in a thick matte black palette, with a fancy spring mechanism that you push to open the palette. It feels very luxe and worth its £43, the only probably is the matte black is a fingerprint magnet and I find myself wiping the casing clean each time before I put it back in the shipping box.

Left with flash. Right without flash

Suspend is a beautiful matte beige colour which is great as a transition shade or for creating a low key smokey eye.

Oil Slick is a black shade with gold flecks shot through it. It’s a really pretty colour but I was disappointed as the colour payoff isn’t as strong as other similar dark colours by Urban Decay, Blackheart (Naked 3) for example. It’s ok for packing on to the lid but don’t even try to blend this.

Roadstripe is a really nice pearlescent silver colour, it’s great as a brow bone highlighter and for working on the inner corners of the eye.

Gash this is the colour I was most excited to try out when I saw the first pictures of this palette on Instagram. I really enjoy wearing earthy brown colours as they suit my brown eyes. Gash did not let me down, it’s a high impact shade when packed on the lid and leaves a nice warm hue when blended out.

Midnight Cowboy this is a nice shimmery champagne shade, but it’s got a huge fall out potential and is very sheer without a primer underneath I like it though and also works well on my inner corners.

501 is a beautiful navy blue shade with a very slight shimmer. It goes really well with my eyes and I’m looking forward to working with this colour.

Shallow I wasn’t that excited over this colour but it’ll work really well with the grey shades from my Naked 3 palette and bring a bit of sparkle to them.

Laced is a really nice natural shade that you can use as a base or transition shade. I can see this being one of my most used shades in the coming months.

Hot Pants until I got this palette I actually didn’t have any pink shades so I was really pleased to get a really nice baby pink to play with. This will go really well with some natural romantic eye looks.

Mildew it’s a metallic light green shade, like hot pants I didn’t have any green shades in my collection.. I’m not really sure if this will work well with my eyes but I can’t wait to experiment with this shade.

The penultimate row didn’t disappoint and jumped in with some of my favourite shades from this palette.

Smog is my third favourite shade from the palette and will work really well with my Naked original palette.

Misdemeanor is a really nice gunmetal shade that’s very similar to Darkside from Naked 3.

Freakshow is the reason Urban Decay was born and I am so glad to see this shade in the palette. The history in a nutshell is that the creator Wende Zomnir wanted more out of makeup than just a red nail polish and blue eyeshadow, Urban Decay brought exciting colours to the beauty market for the first time and their branding is based on this purple. It’s a rich shade that creates a twist on the traditional smokey eye.

Asphyxia is a shade that compliments Freakshow like a soulmate.

Acid Rain is another sheer shimmery gold shade that works well on the inner corners of the eye and would work well with the blues in this palette. 

Moonflower is a really nice shade but oh my days the fall out 😭 
UV-B is a lovely cross between blue and purple that really makes it so interesting because you could use it with Freakshow or 501 effortlessly.

Goldmine is my favourite shade from the palette, the colour payoff is insane and you can create some really amazing looks with this shade.

Twice Baked is a really nice brown and I really like how this palette has tipped it’s hat to the original Naked palette which in my opinion kicked Urban Decay to the mass market.

Anonymous is a lovely nude shade that you can’t see very well in the photo but it will create a really nice base or if you want something light on the eyes a skintone shade.

The brush supplied with the palette is double ended this time with a stubby thick brush on one end for packing on the product to the eyelid and on the other end you have a fluffy blending brush.

This palette did not disappoint me and I am so happy to have this in my collection. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for this brand and of course the 30th anniversary palette in 2026 – the years will fly by!

So in honour of this palette I’m thinking of doing a 20 eye looks for 20 years post using just this palette.. let me know in the comments below if you would like to see that ⬇

Love and (high)light✌

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