InstaNatural Skin Clearing Spot Treatment review

Happy hump day my lovely readers, I hope the week is treating you well. I just wanted to say before I jump in to the post a huge thank you as I have now reached over 800 followers on Instagram, I’ve really noticed a snowball effect these past few weeks and it’s really exciting that more and more people want to see my posts.

Back to the purpose of my post, towards the end of November the kind people at InstaNatural gave me the chance to choose any full sized product* for my blog, I chose the Skin Clearing Spot Treatment (or you can buy it from Amazon in the UK here). The choice of ingredients is one of the reasons why I chose this to be shipped to me and also it was the most unique product in their range that I don’t already have something similar to.

First impressions was the packaging. Before I read the instructions on the back of the bottle I thought I was supposed to shake it as it has separated (little did I know). Then I read the directions and had to leave it around 45 minutes which wasn’t too long a wait, I tried a patch test on my arm just to make sure none of the ingredients disagreed with me. After a successful test, I looked forward to applying it just before bed.

Initially I wasn’t too excited about the smell, it doesn’t smell of chemicals but it did smell a little like TCP but not as overpowering. Following regular application,  I’ve actually grown to like this smell and I would also like to add that it doesn’t linger once you have the product on the skin.

The directions state to not shake the treatment before use and that you take a clean cotton bud, dip it straight in and down to the bottom of the jar. The aim is to dot, not rub the solution on to targeted spots and leave it to dry to a white residue. You can feel this working instantly, and by that I mean it stings! My spots weren’t even open and it stung but this quickly went, along with the spot. I would apply this treatment before bed as stated and then the spot would be more or less gone by the morning aside from a little discolouration/scarring around the spot site. I also tried it on selected spots to see if they disappeared before the ones I didn’t treat, the results speak for themselves…

Before (left) and After (right)

I would love to say it made me spot free but this isn’t an all over the face solution. It did however quickly get rid of spots that were developing/developed and for this reason I would definitely repurchase as dispite it’s high price in reality it’s going to last you a really long time.

This is a really natural yet effective spot clearing solution, the Bentonite Clay and Salicylic Acid work far better than the old toothpaste on spots before bed trick ever would. It’s not harsh and I feel that even sensitive skin types would tolerate this product really well. I’m looking forward to trying more products in the InstaNatural range!

*Although this was given to me by InstaNatural to review, this is not a sponsored post and I have received no payment to give a good review, this review is genuinely my opinion on the product with no influence.

Love and (high)light✌

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