12 days of Christmas: Day 11 – How to get freebies

I feel like singing Final Countdown, I can’t believe it is day 11 already it has gone so quickly yet slowly at the same time. The Christmas decorations came down today which has left the house looking so bare that I feel like we’re actually moving out, all of the ones in my office were taken down yesterday too. I really miss the decorations when they come down as they leave a huge cold feeling space in your decor. Anyway, only another 11 months until they’re back up again so let’s crack on with today’s post!

Getting freebies is a bone of contention for some bloggers, one school of thought believes that any products received should also bring along payment as you are essentially promoting a company and just getting a bottle of product for it. My view point on it is that everyone has to start somewhere and if that means reviewing items without an exchange of payment then whats the big deal? When you’re reviewing a product you have bought yourself, you’re still promoting a brand and you’ve actually made a loss, at least with samples and freebies you’re not out of pocket if it’s not as great as you hoped. When you’re starting out, you’re less likely to receive a sponsorship for product promotion because you don’t have the viewer base of someone who may have been blogging for the past 3 years, I feel that posting reviews for freebies shows that you are capable of creating quality posts about a brand and that it will set up the foundations for potential future sponsorships.

I’ve come across some really effective techniques for gaining freebies or discounts, firstly I’ll outline what doesn’t work.

  • Begging for stuff – I have never tried this one out but for obvious reasons it won’t be very successful.
  • Approaching large brands – again, I haven’t tried it because it is pointless. The sheer volume of requests like this that receive on a daily basis is so high that you’ll be overlooked. Esssentially with bigger brands it is a build it and they will come to you sort of ethos, you need to have a decent influence level before they notice you.
  • Approaching small companies, I’ve tried this one before. I always make sure that they are within the UK so that their shipping wouldn’t be too high a price first off. Majority of the time, requests have been turned down due to a low samples budget although in substitution for this, I have been offered to visit their office and see how the products are created, that in itself is a great opportunity and sometimes I’ve been told that they will review my request in 3 months for example if their situation changes.

I have a few tactics for selecting brands to approach, one of them is to approach brands that are already sending out samples (this shows they have a budget), I will contact them by email directly and wait for a reply back. Another tactic is going to small businesses in the UK, it’s a catch 22 contacting them as they are so small sometimes they might say no but if you don’t ask you don’t get.

When emailing companies it is so important to do your research on them, draft up an email that’s a reasonable length. I use a praise sandwich, start off with why you like the brand and how the values match your blog ethos, explain where you come from and what you have to offer and then close with niceness.

I’m now starting to receive contact about products which is great but I still make sure I keep up the effort to put my name out there. I would also like to point out that blogging is not about the freebies, it’s about the dedication and passion you have for your dream.

How do you feel on freebies/get yours? Let me knowin the comments below ⬇

Love and (high)light✌
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