12 days of Christmas: Day 7 – 2016 reflection and 2017 goals ðŸ’ª

With only about 7 and a half hours until we ring in the new year I just wanted to do a reflective post on what was 2016 (because nothing extreme could happen in the next 7 and a half hours right??)

2016 has been such a whirlwind but I’m ending it in the best possible way with so many highlights. I finally got a permanent job which I started in July, it is a Traineeship which will hopefully see me gain the recognised qualification that will allow me to progress in to my career in the coming years, it is also the biggest team I’ve ever been a part of and they are all so lovely. I also met the amazing human being in April who 6 months later I got to call my boyfriend, I am so lucky to have him in my life and have never met a more affectionate, supportive and genuine soul. My best friend and I went on a couple of adventures including our first attendance together at the Cake and Bake show in London, our friendship and bond has grown so much this year and I am truly blessed to know such a determined, gracious and honest woman. I also smashed my target of gaining 1500+ views on my blog before the year was out which took place in over 50 countries, I can’t wait to see what my blog will bring the new year.

I don’t have high hopes for 2017 as that always leads to disappointment but there are several things that I want to achieve and look forward to such as:

  • Passing my audit at work and being promoted a band up 
  • Reaching 4000 views and 20o followers on my blog (no pressure)
  • Once reaching my target amount of views and follows, potentially taking my blog to self hosted levels
  • Going on a few weekend mini breaks during the summer and towards the autumn to explore new parts of England

Depending on how things go with my blog I might also consider vlogging but that’s something for future Leilani to think about.

As far as resolutions go, I’m not much of a New Years Resolution kind of person. I believe that if you have a flaw now you shouldn’t have to wait for a new year to fix it as you are just prolonging that flaw, you get a new 1st every month so why not do something about it then as you have been given 12 chapter and 365 new starts. If I had to put something down on paper however it would probably be to learn another language at the moment I’m looking at Turkish as I’ve noticed a lot of my following is coming from there and it seems easy enough. Another thing I would like to do is read more, it’s definitely a pastime that I really enjoyed doing until life got in the way so it’s something I want to get back on. I also want to push forward with my 70/30 diet and take it even further by going 80/20 (80% vegetarian and 20% meat).

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has read my blog, shared 2016 with me and supported me. My hopes for the coming year is that more conflicts are resolved in the world so that people can start piecing their lives back together and that humanity connects with more love in their hearts towards one another ☮✌

How has 2016 been to you and what are your goals/hopes for 2017? Let me know in the comments below.

Love and (high)light✌

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