12 days of Christmas: Day 6 – Best hair growth methods

Being the most searched beauty term on Google for 2016, I thought it would be worth sharing my tips for maximising hair growth.

Having long hair for me has always been a huge want for me but unfortunately I have the sort of hair that dries out badly at the ends no matter how heat free I am in my routine and also with thin hair it never looks as voluminous compared to other ladies – FYI my lovely readers, it’s a myth that mixed race girls have amazing hair as I am living proof that is untrue. This leads to regular trims and the occasional major chop as I don’t like seeing my hair dry and ratty looking in a ponytail. In spite of this however, I do want to grow my hair out at least to just above my elbows (one day it will be a reality🙏). I have a few methods to harness my growing potential that I follow religiously, some of them are the obvious ones that are common sense or popular when you Google “how to make hair grow quickly”, others are methods that I’ve come across along the way that are a little obscure depending on your community.

Oils are my friend, I use Castor, Almond, Coconut, Amla and Argan. Argan and Almond are great for creating shine and removing frizz/flyaways whilst also being very light and non greasy. Coconut, Amla and Castor oil are all heavyweights in the oil name, they are the best for growth, thickness, nourishment and general hair health with coconut being the best for nourishment and added softness to the hair.

Things that have worked for me in getting good hair growth are

  • Keeping my anemia under control. Anemia is one of those things I’ve had for years and this was the first year out of 6 that I’ve not had it which has really made a difference in the thickness of my hair.
  • Reducing the amount of gluten I consume. I’ve only been diagnosed with IBS not gluten intolerant so I’m not sure this has a positive affect but it does.
  • Limiting my heated styling tools and confining the hairdryer to winter only.
  • Switching from a hairbrush to using a wide tooth comb
  • Making sure my Vitamin D levels are good
  • Taking Hair, Skin and Nail supplements. I use the Boots brand ones as I don’t see the point shelling out for expensive tablets that contain more or less the same vitamin and minerals
  • Using a hair oil regularly to sleep in.

Another thing I love to use is Amla powder mixed in with one of my favourite oils but I want to give that it’s own post in time.

What tips would you give for goof hair growth? Let me know in the comments below ⬇

Love and (high)light✌
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