12 days of Christmas: Day 5 – Keeping organised and post ideas

Bloggers block is something I’m really fearful of, the fact that I might sit down one day and have nothing to write about, to combat this it is so important keeping organised with your schedule and posts. I have a complete of strategies in place for this:

1 I like to make a list of new products that I would like to blog about, I note down any thoughts on the product such as first impressions, packaging and any other relevant information that I may forget when the time comes to draft up the blog post.

2 I’ve compiled a list of “in case of emergency” blog post inspiration, some examples of this being:

–  key handbag cosmetics
–  best cosmetics from … brand

–  try out a trend

–  recent post on something significant I’ve done

3 Within the notebook containing the above mentioned lists, I also make sure that I keep a record of the companies that I have contacted for press, just so that I have a record that is easy to follow up if it is required.

4 I always aim to have at least 2 blog posts set up and scheduled in advance so that I keep one step ahead of myself. In the past I have drafted and set up 3 posts in one night, if you have the time I would definitely recommend doing this so that you always give yourself some leeway when uploading new posts.

How do you keep on top of your blog? Let me know in the comments below ⬇

Love and (high)light✌
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4 thoughts on “12 days of Christmas: Day 5 – Keeping organised and post ideas

  1. [ Smiles ] Do keep that notebook of yours in a very safe place.

    And, have faith in yourself; you have your blogging covered.

    In my case, I schedule three blog posts in advance (It is a habit that I have grown accustomed to).

    Liked by 1 person

      1. [ Smiles ] Thank you so kindly!

        I would advise that you forget about competition and do your own thing; you will attract your unique audience by doing so.

        Also, focusing on competition will only make your anxiety grow.

        Yes, scheduling blogs are indeed a lifesaver.


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