12 days of Christmas: Day 3 – Ps… pointed metallic false nails review

Primarks range of false nails are like little packs of happiness ranging from £1-£1.50. They’re quick, cheap and last a decent amount of time, I’ve already given their basic range of pointed nails a review but these were so good that these deserve a review too.

Let’s set the scene first, I’m at training away from from Slough for a week with pretty much no time to go get my nails done or even sit in my room alone and sculpt my own acrylics. A couple of weeks prior, I was in my local Primark and came across these beautiful nails that I’m sure made the galaxy weep when they were made.

These nails were a beautiful bronze colour with a negative space on the quarter closest to the natural nail bed. They were a high shine and not too sharp at the tip unlike the basic pair that I had previously reviewed. You get 24 nails in the pack which is enough for one set, as usual I sized up all my nails and laid them out in application order. I removed all traces of nail polish on my natural nails, clipped them right back to the growth plate so that I wouldn’t have any little natural nail peeking through the tapered edges of the false nail and then lightly buffed any surface shine off my natural nails.

This time around, I used broadway glue opposed to the one supplied with the primark nails, purely because I already had this open and it tends to go hard after being opened for a while so I didn’t want it to go to waste. A thin layer was applied to the nail well itself along with a layer on my natural nail, paying particular attention to my edges. 

Minus 2 casualties, the nails lasted two weeks! I finally removed them today as I’m heading back in to the office in the morning and there were no green patches, my natural nails were a little dry underneath but apart from this they were left in really good condition. The design on false nails in this two weeks managed to survive most of the holidays, although on my dominant fingers the paint was starting to come off and reveal the transparent nail underneath, I would have painted over them if I was going to keep them on for longer so it wouldn’t have been a problem.

I will definitely be purchasing some more of these nails as they never fail to impress me. I received so many nice comments about the nails too, some even from strangers and they couldn’t believe where I had got them from. Have you tried out any other nails from Primark or would recommend an equally as cheap set? Let me know in the comments below ⬇

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Love and (high)light✌

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