12 days of Christmas: Day 2 – Onion socks a cold remedy

On Christmas eve, desperation kicked in. My cold had finally reared its head which had started as a tickle in my throat 3 days prior, not wanting to feel bad on Christmas day I was willing to try anything out, I came across “onion socks”. The theory behind it is that onions are bacteria magnets and even prevented the plague back in the day. Science has since proved that onions are no more absorbent than any other vegetable (or fruit) and that this is an old wives tale, nevertheless I wanted to give it a try because I had nothing to lose at this point.

I bought 2 loose onions from tescos and had some clear bandage tape already in the house. Just before I went to bed, I cut up the onions so that I had 2 circles about 3cm thick from the widest part of the bulb, I then placed one circle to the arch of my foot and secured it with 2 strips of tape making sure that there was enough tension to keep the slice as close to my skin as possible, I also ensured that the tape didn’t go all the way around in case my feet swelled in the middle of the night. I repeated this for my other foot. I placed some socks over the top in case they started to wander in my sleep.

I was skeptical, an onion ridding me of my sore throat and bunged up head, the slices were cold and wet. About an hour in to it, I was convinced that I was starting to taste onion but I wasn’t giving up.

The next morning, Christmas day I woke up feeling like I was on day 5 of my cold as in no bunged up, no aches, pains, sore throat or runny nose. It was short of a Christmas miracle, I couldn’t believe the affect it had on me. I did it again that night for good measure and again feel great today, I’m definitely recommending this to others and adding it to my arsenal of cold coping strategies.

Do you have any strange but it works cold remedies? Let me know if the comments below ⬇

Day 1: How I got in to blogging

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